5 Awesome ways to Make money on Pinterest (2019)

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5 Awesome ways to Make money on Pinterest (2019)

If you love Pinterest how about making some extra cash using Pinterest? There are a few different ways you can make cash using Pinterest so try them out! Check out these 5 Awesome ways to make money on Pinterest.

You never know what might happen.

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There are more options than you thought to make money on Pinterest here are some great ways you can make extra money.

Create Pins with Affiliate links

This is super easy but takes some time to do and to be honest I have only made a few pins the rest have been links to posts.

I am chuffed to bits that I even managed to have some conversions when I haven’t even circulated my pins.

The best thing to do is make pins for your favourite products. 

Circulate these pins onto your boards and where allowed on to group boards or Tailwind tribes that allow affiliate links.

Make sure you are not to being spammy though only circulate a few pins each day.

Don’t forget you don’t need to circulate your pins manually you can use a scheduler like Tailwind. This will make things much easier so you have time work on other things.

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Ok, so one of the easiest and quickest ways is to use Magiclinks.

Why because they have lots of household brands on their books and its super easy to create pins using their software.

Here are some of the brands to make on Pinterest using Magiclinks:

  • Nordstrom
  • Target
  • Ebay
  • Cricut
  • Consumer Crafts
  • Michaels
  • Joann

Ok, so how do you do it?

First you need to open an account with magiclinks.

Once its all approved you will need to add the browser extension to your browser.

Once you have done this you can start making Pins.

I admit this step took me a bit of time! To figure out.

Go to Retailers in Magiclinks Dashboard to find the one you want to create a pin for in this example I am going for Cricut.

Go to their website and start hunting for something you would like to promote.

I am going to make a pin for the Cricut Maker so I hop over to their website choose the page I want see the image below.

Then I use the Browser extension to start making the pin.

Looking at the chosen image that the browser extension picked I would like to change this one to one of the other products so I need to edit the image using the edit button – see this image:

Once I have chosen the image and item I want to promote I will then copy the link to make a pin using the link provided see the arrow above in the image. This is the URL you need to add to your PInterest make a pin – save from site.

Next go to your Pinterest profile and click on make a pin button:

Next you want to add the URL of the item from Magic links browers that you copied to the bottom button save from website if you click on this you can add the URL from magic links this then shows you the image that will appear on the pin.

If you still aren’t happy go back to the beginning and chose another image from Magic links browser extension with a new URL.

Once you are happy with the image. You need to add a description use some of the information that’s already provided for that image by the company in their description make sure that it has great keywords so here is mine:

Hop over to Pinterest and do a search for relevant keywords to add to the description – if your not sure how to do check these posts:

10+ Ideas to Increase traffic with Pinterest

Make sure to add an FTC disclosure I usually add #affiliatelink.

Once you have done all that you next want to publish your pin to a relevant board 

☑️ PRO TIP –  don’t add it to the most relevant board pick a broader board like just Gift guide for Crafters rather than Cricut post it to Cricut on your Tailwind schedule

What would be your earning potential:

You can make up to $1000 a month but on average it will be more like $500 once you get things circulating so start to day so you can start earning.

This won’t work immediately you need to continually circulate pins and make lots of pins a day when you first start.

Create Pins for high converting posts that contain affiliate links

If you have a blog with your own products for sale or a post on your blog optimised for affiliate marketing.

But if you don’t have your own products then Pinterest can help you drive traffic to that post.

These are the posts that historically have gotten me income from Amazon in the last month:

For Smartpennies.com

DIY Bath bombs

Ultimate guide to Soap making

For Smartepennieslife.com

Learn to Knit

So for me these are higher converting posts so what should you do in terms of Pinterest to make more conversions?

Make new pins for those posts and start promoting them on Pinterest.

I know that I have not made any new pins for my DIY Bath bombs post and soap making in a while – so that’s what I will be doing soon!

What you need to do-

If you have a blog or website write a post on a popular topic add affiliate links and promote that content using Pinterest.

Sounds easy doesn’t it well I am here to tell you its not as easy as it sounds!

It takes time but Pinterest can help drive FREE traffic to your Blog or posts.

If you don’t have a blog then follow these step by step instructions to get your blog off the ground today.

How to start a blog

What would be your earning potential?

If you want to know how much you can earn from Affiliate links then check out this post

21 Income Reports

Become a Pinterest VA

Can you believe that not everyone has a handle on Pinterest! Yeh me too! – Don’t love it check out what I can do for you here to help you with Pinterest.

That’s why I am (trying) to get to become a Pinterest VA.

If you didn’t know I love Pinterest and have really tried to get my head around this platform.

So if you love it too then why don’t you think about becoming a Pinterest VA?

There are a few courses around but one of the best ones with excellent ongoing support is called

Pinterest VA run by Gina Horkey and Kristen Larsen.

There is lots of work now for Pinterest VA and when Kirstin started she made upwards of $3600 per month after 6 months.

Find out more about becoming a Pinterest VA here

What makes this great and can be fast is if you already have some experience using Pinterest for your own blog because you already have your own Case study.

It’s great because you can have as many clients as you like and work part time or full time.

Want to know how you can be successful here are the latest success stories.

Earning Potential

You can earn in the region of $25 to $50 per hour but even better if you can offer monthly maintenance packages here is mine.

Starting off at $299 for monthly maintenance.

Pinterest VA course will take you through the full package to teach you how to become a Pinterest VA even if you are a Pinterest beginner.

Included in the course:

  • How to land your first clients 
  • How to work with your clients
  • How to scale up your business 
  • How to use Pinterest and more

Want to become a Pinterest VA then find out more about it here.

Become a Pinterest Influencer

If you have lots of followers and presence on Pinterest then brands can reach out and ask to collaborate with you on PInterest.

For brands you will be trying to increase their reach on the platform so you could do things like:

  • Repin their pins
  • Design pins for their brand and repin those
  • Pin their pins to group boards you are already a member off ( I rules allow)

Potential Earning

This is a negotiable fee with the brand depending on what they want you to do.

This is a new area and with Pinterest Ad’s being heavily promoted there could be opportunities in this area to work with brands as a Pinterest Ad manager too!

Pinterest Consultancy

This is a bit like Pinterest VA work but different.

Basically when you have more experience you can offer consultancy work to companies and bloggers.

With Pinterest Consultancy you need to learn what makes up a good Pinterest account so that you can see ways to improve it.

Earning Potential

 When you first start out you can earn from $18- 25 per hour.

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