About Me



I have started this blog in 2018 as a community for all those interested in Starting on a blogging journey and wanting support with someone just a few months along on the process.

Its hard to find other newbie bloggers its seems everyone has already grown their blogs in a few years to astounding income levels and maybe these guys are hard to connect with?

I am here for you as your virtual friend.

If you want to spice up your life earn more money to change your life or simply want more tips for your health then you’ve come to right place.If your interested in finding out more about how to budget, earning extra income and finding out more about foodie and health tips whilst you head towards your twilight years then you will find lots of great blog posts to help you on your way.

So I figured it was time to start one myself after all the knowledge I have acquired over the years and see if I could actually do this blogging thing.

What are you waiting for come join me on this excellent adventure!