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Hi Guys it’s me here Lia Castelvecchi- Scottish Italian in case you are wondering and no I am no relation to Paolo Nutini – well maybe distantly something to do with Nonno’s ( Grandpa ) sister but that’s another story!

    • I love reading blogs about blogging and have done for years. Yep, it was time to get off my butt and start one of my own about how to start blogging What about you guys if you want to start a Blog then check out my page here on starting your own blog.
    • Money tips-  because I struggle with budgeting too and I am also looking at extra ways to make money.
    • Crafts – I love crafty things I have always played around with wool in some form or other and if you are looking for projects and inspiration then I introduce you to lots of different things you can try from crocheted flowers  DIY crafts, knitting almost anything but maybe not woodwork! I have a separate blog devoted to crafts DIY you can find it here at smartpennieslife.com

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Craft stuff

  • Looking to upcycle – I have a great post on how to upcycle mason jars or my fab introduction to sugar and salt scrubs- homemade scrubs are easy and fabulous gifts try them out today

15 Easy DIY homemade sugar and salt scrubs (+Recipes)

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