About Me

Lia in Australia Blue mountains

Hi Guys it’s me here Lia Castelvecchi- Scottish Italian in case you are wondering.

Me now in 2022 sailing with my new doggy pup Mac and my other half. II have started and stopped this blog many times! Finally I have decided after having a rough year in 2021 to get back to my blog and treat it as a business. So if you have finally set your heart on changing your business or work life then follow me.

  • I love reading blogs about blogging and have done for years. Yep, it was time to get off my butt and start one of my own about how to start blogging What about you guys if you want to start a Blog then check out my page here on starting your own blog.
  • I love all things business it must be my parents influence they have always been self employed and I want to go down that route but not yet managed that hence getting back to this blogging business/
  • Its hard trying to decide how to organise this blog so I am just going with it there are so many blog resources I have used in the past and now I have found the best ones to continue my journey.
  • Here is to the next year and working for myself
  • When are you going to start this journey…..

What are you waiting for come join me on this excellent adventure!