11 AWESOME Blogging Courses for Beginners (2019)

By Lia

11 AWESOME Best Blogging Courses for (Beginners Guide 2019)

I hope you enjoy this review of the Best Blogging Courses for Beginners that I have taken and thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from.

You can let me know if I have missed any great ones out as I am sure I probably will!!

So If any of you has watched Rosemary Groner’s video on finding your ROI -Return on Investment you will know that two of the main things you should be doing as a beginner blogger is investing in your education and producing quality content!

11 blogging courses

This will help you in the beginning to get a return on the time you are spending on your blog.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Before you start on courses you really need to start your blog! If you need help check out my resources page with lots of information on starting your blog from posts to resources.

If you haven’t yet started your blog then you need to check out my resources on how to start your blog.

So what Blogging Courses for Beginners are we going to talk about?

I thought I would break them down into sections partly to help with this post which may turn out to be mammoth! And also so you can skip to the section you are interested in.

  • How to start a BLOG – Beginners courses
  • Traffic generation
  • Pinterest
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email list building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And Last but not Least Blogging Legally

So there is no point in me talking about courses I haven’t taken this year as you will want to find out the honest truth about each and everyone before you shell out your hard earned cash.

So I have become a bit of a course junkie and have managed to NOT buy a course for the last few months – I have challenged myself to complete all my courses and make sure I implement each of the stuff in the courses.

Why is this stuff important because if you just buy a course and not implement what is in the course no matter what you think of the course you will not know if it will really work for you unless you implement ALL the strategies in the courses.

Let’s face it you have shelled out hard earned cash for the course so you need to use it!

Implement implement implement I can not tell you how important this is.

If you only buy one course EVER then I highly recommend


I have access to the course creator Paul Scrivens and his Assistant Marybeth each and every day on Slack community if I have any questions. If you feel overwhelmed and in need of help then try this course for ONLY $1.

For me, this has been one of the biggest pluses!


Let’s start:

HOW TO START A BLOG: Blogging Courses for Beginners

1. DaretoConquer and BlogSimpleframework

Created and run by Paul Scrivens aka Scrivs.

His PAST income report so you can see that he knows what he is trying to teach can be accessed here.

What’s in this course


At the moment there are lots of courses including the 100k climb which an overview of how to go through the course material and make 100k in 18 months along with how to make $1000 with ad’s course/ journey with plenty more to come.

My favourite blogging courses are now split and you can sign up for his Blogsimpleframework and his paid courses for Blogsimpleframework.

If you simply want to learn what goes into setting up a blog to make $1000 over per month fast and easily without lots of hassle then this course if for you.


All these courses are continually updated and you never have to pay for an update! You are also able to buy the courses individually I definitely recommend buying into the full thing as the amount of value is incredible you can see EVERYTHING here for $1 and decide if you want to continue. With lots more resources to come its the only course, you need to start blogging.

Click here to find out more

You also get access to the Slack community where you can ask questions from Paul or Marybeth which is fabulous which another course can you do that you get access to the creator every week and they respond to your questions!

Marybeth rounds up Slack and questions people have asked with lots of hints and tips to help with your blogging. I have had some great tips recently they shared a tip when you embed Pinterest pins to avoid them disappearing when you moved from Visual to text editor this was so frustrating when updating a blog post.

There are other How to start blog courses which has been widely advertised by the affiliates and are wildly expensive in comparison, with restrictions on refunds and also difficulty in accessing the creator.

So if you want direct access to the creator, continually updated courses and a plan to create your brand and business then

DARETOCONQUER.COM is the course for you don’t take my word read Paul’s introduction to his course here.


How to Improve Traffic to your Website: Blogging Courses for Beginners

2. Traffic Transformation 21 Strategies to go from 17k to 400k page views

Lena Gott has a fantastic course on traffic and SEO I love her to the point courses no fluff just lots of really good information especially if you are feeling confused and frustrated then this is the course for you.

If you are stuck getting traffic to your blog and want a quick fire easy implementation guide then this is the Ebook for you.

If you want to find out about this course then I have a whole post just going through this.

I really love it and keep going back to points in the course to reread it to make sure I am not missing bits.

That is what is great about it you can dip in and out its not just one big long course there are 21 steps you can use to improve your traffic and you don’t need to target them all at once –

little steps each time so that the overall goal isn’t overwhelming this is what you get with Traffic Transformation.

Traffic transformation Guide Review: Increase Your Blog Traffic

To read my post.


TOP bloggers answer the question how to make MONEY from blogging

3. Ready Set Traffic

From Elna Cain of Twinsmommy fame has a course on Traffic generation as well this differs from Lena’s course in that you can’t really dip in and out with this one it’s a BIG course!

If you need to start right from the beginning to make sure you are doing everything right then this is the course for you. It will take you from starting your blog for traffic to optimizing each element of your blog to continually drive traffic.

This course will help you go from beginner to advanced its an all encompassing course.

Each of the sections includes video and text.

  1. Start a blog for traffic
  2. Foundational elements for Increasing traffic
  3. SEO strategy for long-term traffic
  4. Pinterest Growth Strategy for Traffic right now
  5. Creating Income generating content
  6. Conclusion
This course is great if you want a super in-depth course on generating traffic there are lots of video’s interspersed with text in each of the sections and case studies too.

If you are failing at traffic frustrated and not sure what you are doing wrong then give this course a shot.

Elna goes through how you make sure you have targeted and loyal traffic.

From getting your blog noticed using Pinterest practically a course on its own! , using an email list, and encouraging sharing your posts.

How to do Search Engine Optimization in a slightly different way to other bloggers from finding the best topics that will be shared and earn trust from your audience again this is like a whole course on its own.

So if you want a super in-depth course on the gaining traffic to go from the complete beginner to advanced strategies then this is the course for you!

how to find your blogs why

Pinterest Courses: Blogging Courses for Beginners

Looking for a basic overall course on Pinterest then you can’t go wrong with

Momsmakecents Pinterest Primer this is a FREE course if you want to sign up for it here is the link.

If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and not sure where to start with Pinterest then this is the course for you best of all its FREE.

4. Manual Pinning Simplified

I wasn’t manually Pinning on a day to day basis till I bought

Kyla’s Manual Pinning Simplified Ebook if you want to find out about her ebook you can buy it by following this link it is just one part of my overall strategy that has helped me increase my Monthly Pinterest Impressions

If you are stuck in the Pinterest doldrums I recommend getting your head around manual pinning.

If you want to go totally detailed with Pinterest and manual Pinning then I recommend:

5. Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies

Although as I have said I simply couldn’t find the time or had the inclination to use her overall strategy to manual pinning. BUT she does have lots of great information in her Ebook about Pin designing, board designs and how to keyword search and this is just a taster of what you will find out about.

I started implementing Carlys strategies for Manually pinning on Pinterest along with Kyla’s Manual pinning simplified and this is what happened to my account.

Strategy I used to go from 260k monthly views on Pinterest to over 600k monthly views

* note the picture above shows you what happened once I started my strategy on the 14th September I was on about 260k monthly impressions.

What to find out more then read my more in-depth post on my exact strategy

The Exact Pinterest Strategy I used to get 600k monthly views ( in ONE-month case study)

Pinteresting Strategies Ebook for Manual Pinning

The Ebook is 68 pages content now just updated as of November 2018 – including how to set up your Pinterest account for optimum usage, what is Pinterest and what can it actually see, Pinterest SEO, and of course the Manual pinning strategy.

Carly writes in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.

If you don’t want to spend a heap of cash starting out then this is the ONE thing you should buy –

her link to the purchase the Ebook its value-packed with lots of insider tips you won’t find in other courses.

Needing to take your Pinning to a new level without having to spend money on a scheduler then this is THE course for you.

Remember best of all if you use these methods you don’t need to pay for a Pinterest Scheduler saving even more money!

And who doesn’t want to do that!

6. Pinterest Ninja Ebook

From Megan is another Pinterest Ebook on how to start on Pinterest and gain traffic if you are a beginner to Pinterest.

Fully updated for Pinterest November 2018.

This is a great course to take you from beginner to Advanced Pinterest user

If you suck at Pinterest have absolutely no idea where to start and need traffic today then this is the Ebook for you. Megan also includes lots of great videos to follow along with her Pinning strategies and case studies.

Wanting to add an audit for your Pinterest site then she can help with this as well if you need to find out where you are going wrong


to avoid looking like a newbie blogger

7. Pins for Profits Affiliate Marketing

To start off this has been a great introduction to Affiliate marketing for Pinterest without a blog.

It also goes into the legalities and also how to use Pinterest for Affiliate marketing all for $47.

Mckenzie goes into how to use Pinterest to generate income via affiliate links directly.

Fundamentals of affiliate marketing, hints and tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest to making pins.

If you are starting out on Pinterest then is well worth it as she covers more than just the Affiliate marketing side of things.

Obviously is more on the Pinterest side of Affiliate Marketing rather than general Affiliate marketing.

I have learned so much about affiliate marketing through her course and also how to use Pinterest and how to make Pins using Canva that are super cool and get the repins that you need that I highly recommend her course.

It is a great beginners course if you want to get a handle on Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing.

The course includes the following:

1- Explanation of Affiliate marketing and its use on Pinterest

2-How to optimize your pins- creating and adding links and how to set up your boards to optimize your marketing

3-Branding and design

4-How to implement your affiliate marketing

5-Using affiliate pins for bloggers

A word of caution before we go further you know that saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ it applies here too – consider other options, as well as affiliate marketing but to begin with this, is a great idea to dip your toe in the water.


5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today

Search Engine Optimisation Courses: Blogging Courses for Beginners

8. Adventures in SEO

What can I say this is THE course on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation from Lena Gott called

Adventures in SEO it’s only open certain times of the year but well worth the investment.

I hummed and hawed about buying it because it’s not cheap at over $300 BUT it has been the best investment I have made on my blog!

Again this course is super straightforward no having to buy extra keyword tools or being overwhelmed with technical jargon it’s straightforward and easy to understand.

I can show you the results after only two months I have only just started implementing her strategies for Googles Search Engine Optimization and it takes time to see results but I am surprised after two months to see a difference already with the 4 posts I have republished improving my Google SEO and Pinterest SEO amazing!

Google seo showing improvement


Related posts for SEO and increase traffic 

Tips to increasing your website traffic

Increasing Blog traffic when you have NONE

21 tips to Improve website traffic

Traffic Transformation Guide


Affiliate marketing: Blogging Courses for Beginners

9. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Why it’s great pro and cons

What’s in the course check out her chapter list below:

What I really like about this course is it’s mostly text-based with a few video examples to show you HOW she actually does things.

As you can see from the first section Carly goes into Blogging about Blogging and addresses this first. She tells you that to make money you don’t necessarily need to blog about blogging phew that’s great news!

Funnily enough, my first sales have been in my crafty posts NOT my blogging about blogging posts!

And she also outlines in simple terms how to find affiliates to promote and the best links you can use. Its so practically based and simple to understand that I really resonated with the content and felt like as a beginner that I definitely could achieve the same results.

This section is all about using your BLOG posts to add affiliate links to and her hints and tips to making sure you are optimizing these links.

Best of all she shows you this with her examples from her none blogging about blogging posts so you can see exactly why and where she put her links how she will then go back to optimize these links if she feels they aren’t producing income.

I like the fact that she shows you step by step what she has done and why rather than just stating add links.

Yes, but how do you know if they aren’t working and where should you move them – luckily she goes into this for you too.

Carly goes into talking about planning your posts for traffic using Keywords but mentions keywords tools you can use but does not go into any great detail.

For me ranking for keywords in Google and Pinterest is super important to get traffic to your posts and she does say it’s a whole nother course. I would have preferred more on this chapter specifically about finding keywords.

If you want to delve deeper into this and I do feel its super important I have been going through Lena Gott Adventures in SEO course and it’s amazing when it comes to figuring out your best keywords for Google and Pinterest so I highly recommend you look at this course.

At the end of the day you can have a great post with affiliate links but if no one is seeing it then you won’t get the conversions you need.

Don’t forget more and more people are blogging especially about blogging and they will be all promoting the same affiliate links so you need to get great traffic to begin with.

Stuck with Pinterest check out my post on how I managed to skyrocket my Pinterest monthly views by near 500k in one month.

The Exact Pinterest Strategy I used to get 600k monthly views ( in ONE-month case study)

I also use strategies from Carly’s Pinteresting Ebook within my strategies.

Again Carly goes into an example of a post that has high traffic on her site – and what strategies she uses to monetize the post.

Yep, it’s that traffic thing again! You do need it to make sales there is no ifs and buts about it!

I do love how she then goes through how she managed to improve the conversions for a post that has lower traffic just by moving her links. And proves it to you.

The last section goes through her Affiliate marketing strategies:

I found this part fo the Ebook to be super helpful as some of the other courses don’t address this in the same way as Carly does with having a whole section on it as you can see from above.

Even Michelle’s Makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing course doesn’t specifically address email marketing like Carly’s.

Carly goes into your email list and what it should be at the outset giving you practical tips to make sure you are building a thriving list that will respond to your affiliate links with helpful tips about what you should be including in your emails to your subscribers.

Again this is one of the TOP things that I love about her course she gives you an example of an email she sent to her list.

She also talks about the different types of emails to send to your list and again she gives you an example of a launch sequence email she sent out to her list.

To wrap it all up for you one of the BIG reasons I love this course is that Carly gives you tonnes of examples for how to do affiliate marketing properly especially examples not in the blogging about blogging niche.

I also love the fact its lots of text you might not like that so much and prefer video, but for me, the text is great as I don’t have to deal with all that buffering nonsense when I am trying to watch a video with a crappy internet speed. ( yes this still happens).

I love how Carly writes things they seem easier to understand and feel like you could implement them so much easier than other bloggers.

What I would have like would be EVEN more examples ( this isn’t really a criticism just a point out as she does them so well and they really help to make it easier to understand affiliate marketing.)

I would have liked some aspects of the course to have more detail


Email list building Blogging Courses for Beginners

10. Makeemailwork

I have just joined Summer Tannsausers Month long Email course how to Makeemailwork program.

I will be updating this portion of the post once I have finished the course.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of the courses I have taken and find it beneficial when you are deciding on your own blogging education.

If you watched Rosemary Groner’s Video on Return on Investment you will know that when you are starting out you should be focusing on content and education.

These two things will increase your return on investment in the future.

If you have questions about courses then feel free to add a comment and of course, if you enjoyed my post please share it using a huge choice of Pins.

How to Blog Legally Blogging Courses for Beginners

11. Legal Bundle Value Pack

Lucrezia is an attorney and blogger and will give you the low down on making sure your blog is LEGAL!

Because she has International experience as a lawyer she can show you how to make your blog legal both for FTC and GDPR rules!

If you are overwhelmed and confused needing a hand to sort out the LEGAL stuff as a new blog then



Lucrezia also has other PAID COURSES  you can find out more about them here too.

I have her awesome covering everything I need to   make my blog legal for GDPR not exciting but required by LAW:

GDPR course so if you need to brush up on that you can grab it here.


This isn’t the most riveting subject but its good to know there is a FREE course out there for any NEWBIE blogger.  

This Free course goes through which pages you need on your blog and why you need them as well as the dreaded GDPR.

If you liked this post on Blogging courses for Beginners then please share:

Are you wanting to improve your blogging? This post will review 11 courses you should consider if you are a beginners blogger wanting to improve to start making money with your blog.
Are you wanting to improve your blogging? This post will review 11 courses you should consider if you are a beginners blogger wanting to improve to start making money with your blog.
Are you wanting to improve your blogging? This post will review 11 courses you should consider if you are a beginners blogger wanting to improve to start making money with your blog.
11 of the best beginners courses you can take to improve your blogging today. From spending under $50 to under a $500 dollars find out which course you would benefit from today.
11 of the best beginners courses you can take to improve your blogging today. From spending under $50 to under a $500 dollars find out which course you would benefit from today.
11 of the best beginners courses you can take to improve your blogging today. From spending under $50 to under a $500 dollars find out which course you would benefit from today.
11 of the best beginners courses you can take to improve your blogging today. From spending under $50 to under a $500 dollars find out which course you would benefit from today.
Stuck with which blogging courses to choose from here is a review of 11 top blogging courses you can take today. Includes free courses and courses under $50 find out which ones you should choose?
Stuck with which blogging courses to choose from here is a review of 11 top blogging courses you can take today. Includes free courses and courses under $50 find out which ones you should choose?

Stuck with which blogging courses to choose from here is a review of 11 top blogging courses you can take today. Includes free courses and courses under $50 find out which ones you should choose?

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