9+ Creative ways to make money (2019)

By Lia

9+ Creative ways to make money


Are you creative? Wanting to use your flair for the artistic to make money? If you want to use your creative skills to make money have a look at some of the ideas in this post. 9+ Creative ways to make money.


(If this post contains email links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)


If you are not sure that these creative ways to make money work then have a look at this post and see how I have made money on my blog.

How I earned my first $100


Some of these ideas will make you money more quickly than others but you will be able to make money.

If you love painting what about selling your Art online? My mother has been painting for 10 years and she sells her paintings locally and now Online! 

If you want to see how check out her website here.



Here are so tips for Creative ways to make money

Sell your knowledge 

Starting a blog is a great way to sell your knowledge. You can start a blog for as little as $4 per month.

Here is a simple step by step guide to starting your first blog here:

How to start a blog

 And yes you can make money if you don’t believe me see how I made my first $100 here.

How I earned my first $100

You can package up your knowledge in a number of ways on your blog like:

  • Monetize blog posts
  • Create eCourses
  • Create eBooks to sell on your blog
  • Add videos or podcasts to your blog 

There are so many ways you can parcel up knowledge and sell it on your blog. 

If you like writing and think you have plenty to say then this is an option.

Here are some examples of Bloggers making great incomes from their blogs:




beginners guide 7 tips to making money with a small blog


Sell your Art 

If you love painting and drawing you can make money selling your Art.

One of the best ways to sell you Art is through your own blog. 

Here is my mother’s blog which we have just started:


If you want to start a blog here is a step by step guide to starting a blog:

How to start a blog

Don’t forget though you need an audience to your blog and one of the great ways to help with additional income is to sell you Art on Etsy

There are so many options now to creating income from home working online if you are a creative person. 

Helpful Art Books to help you sell your Art

How to Sell Your Art Online

Art Money & Success

How to Sell Your Art


beginners guide 7 tips to making money with a small blog


Sell crafts

You can sell lots of different crafts online if you want to find out what sort of things you can sell check these posts out:

Mason Jar crafts 

Crafts to make and sell

11 sewing projects to make and sell

Circut projects to make and sell

One of the most popular places to sell your Crafts is on Etsy just have a browse and see what different handmade crafts are being sold to give you some ideas.


Helpful Craft Books for Crafts to make and sell

How to Show & Sell Your Crafts: How to Build Your Craft Business at Home, Online, and in the Marketplace

The Handmade Marketplace, 2nd Edition: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online

How to Sell Your Crafts Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Sales on Etsy and Beyond

The Handmade Entrepreneur how to Sell on Etsy, or Anywhere Else: Easy Steps for Building a Real Business Around Your Crafts


Play video games, watch videos & Answer Surveys

How about doing some surveys? 

Survey Junkie allows you to share your opinions and then get paid for it.

Swagbucks is also a site which is looking for your opinions but you can also watch videos and shop online to earn money.



Start a Cupcake Business 

Love cooking what about starting a cupcake business everyone loves cupcakes don’t they!

Looking for some resources how about these


The Business of Baking

How to Start Your Own Cupcake Business



Start a Cookies Business

Not keen on cupcakes what about starting a Cookies business.

Homemade for Sale: How to Set Up and Market a Food Business from Your Home Kitchen

Start a Cookie Business Today

One Smart Cookie: How a Housewife’s Chocolate Chip Recipe Turned into a Multimillion-Dollar Business


Sell your photographs

Are you interested in Photography?

There are lots of ways to make money from Photography, especially for online options.

Some options include taking photos for 

  • Food bloggers
  • Pictures for stock photo sites 


Invite people for dinner

If you love entertaining what about inviting people for dinner and getting paid for it.

There are lots of different websites now that allow you to advertise your culinary skills and host parties. What about signing up with Eatwith to make extra cash.

I hope you enjoyed this rundown of 9 options for creative people to earn money online.


Tips for Earning from home

It’s great to work from home but it can be challenging. You have to be really disciplined when you work from home.

Yes, the laundry is still stacked by the machine, the ironing needs to be done and there are toys all over.

You need to have set times for working from home make sure you have your own corner to work to get away from the household stuff.

Home means relaxation as well especially if you were out at work previously so you have to make sure you don’t stay in ‘relax’ mode.


If you curious or in a hurry to find out now:

☑️Make sure you are focused and organized:

  • Have a separate ‘office’ space
  • Have working hours
  • Take a break
  • If you need to walk away for the day do so


If you haven’t found your go-to work from home idea here are some other ideas to try


Find your best work from home option and make sure its something you really want to do you need the motivation to keep going from home.

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