Cricut Projects to make & sell this Christmas (Fast money)

Cricut Projects to make & sell this Christmas (Fast money)

If you have never owned a Cricut you would not believe the things you could make with it! I am still amazed with what people come up with. If you are looking for Cricut projects to make & sell this christmas to make fast money try this post today.

If you are looking to make some fast money this Christmas how about getting your Cricut out of its box to make money and gifts this Christmas.

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If you have absolutely know idea what I am talking about you can find out how to make money with a Cricut and more projects you can make and sell with a Cricut.

Basically a Cricut is like an awesome printer it can cut out shapes using templates that you can either design or from existing software that you upload to your Cricut (other brands are available) and away it cuts!

Here is a short list of some of the things it will cut:

Craft foam
Sticker paper
Faux leather
Iron material

The newest kid on the block is the Cricut Maker – this one has been upgraded to be smarter and cut more materials the other Cricuts.


Do you want to find out the differences then check out this post from Cricut?


What Makes Cricut different from Explore?

Want to buy one now? Or just want to check out the reviews then?

So if you’re in a hurry or just plain curious:

☑️ To check out Cricut Maker and what people are saying about it click here.


You will find its a great Cricut machine. It’s available in 4 different colours has tonnes of 5-star reviews so if you see it for less than $350 Its a bargain so grab it. Its a fabulous deal so grab it ( for colour options and current price plus all the reviews check it out here)



☑️Best Tools and Resources for Cricut Machines


Cricut Explore 2 – best all-round

Cricut Maker – best for sewing projects

Best Bundles for Cricut

Know that you know what a Cricut is and what the Newest ones are lets get on with how you can earn some Christmas money with it.

Just so you know if you are using any fonts or designs make sure you are allowed to sell them check with the designer or make sure you use commercial designs that you can sell.


1.Snowflake Gift Jars

This is super easy options to make snowflakes to decorate any glass objects.
You could design your own snowflakes or use these from Laurascraftylife ( ask her permission first).

Use Metallic Vinyl to cut into snowflakes.

Sell them to decorate lots of items like:
Glass jars 
Mobile phone cases see below
Plain Christmas ornaments 



2.Holographic Phone Cases

If you have a Cricut Explore and have managed to get your hands on some Holographic vinyl how about making phone cases.

You will also need:
Clear phone cases 
Transfer tape
Weeder tool
Scraper tool

The great thing about this project is the options for customisation that you can have.
You can have a variety of colours and design options to sell which is great for sale-ability don’t have too many options though or people won’t be able to choose!

Personalise your Glitter Ball Ornaments
Or any other plain ornaments for that matter

This is so simple and quick to make people love personalisation when it comes to making sales.
Selling the vinyl names would be quicker and easier than applying them to the ornaments and selling them as one – easily broken in transit too!

Grab some Glitter vinyl and solid colour vinyl.

For the design below use the solid colour for the initials and the glitter vinyl for the names.

Go grab some plain ornaments to experiment jazzing them up for you decals to sell!



3.Easy Christmas Tea towels

This is easy for a beginners design with the Cricut and the options to create different designs could be endless.

You could sell the finished tea towels or just the heat transfer vinyl.

Decide on what you are going to write – Merry Christmas for instance so that you can use your Cricut to cut out the vinyl.

This project uses Metallic fabric paint to make the dots.

Plain white tea towels
Heat transfer vinyl
Fabric pens
Cricut explore 2




4.Glass and Vinyl Christmas ornaments

If you are selling these then the vinyl ornaments would be safer to make up and post rather than the glass ones. Or you could sell just the vinyl decorations or even the SVG file.

Supplies required
Vinyl eg. Expression pack
Plastic or Glass discs
Clear Transfer tape

Create your design with just letters words or a picture for you Christmas tree ornaments.



5. Christmas Pillows

Want to make the house look more like Christmas? How about making some Christmas pillow iron on designs to jazz up plain pillows.

You could make and sell either the pillows complete or the iron on designs or the SVG files what a choice!

Supplies required
Heat transfer vinyl
In Glitter Metallic and plain
Cricut Explore

Make up your design be sure to iron on each element in the right sequence the Glitter iron on if you add it first you will not be able to adhere any other iron on vinyl to the top of it so you will only be able to add each element cut to the correct shape.
Not layered on top of one another.



6. Holiday Gift tags

What about designing gift tags for all occasions.
There are lots of options to make these tags.
Different coloured card stock including glitter and different patterns to cut out with the Cricut Explore.




7. Boxes for Food Gifts

This is a more advanced Cricut idea again great option to personalise this for family or friends or to sell.

White card stock
Coloured card stock – you could use this instead of felt as well for flowers
Cricut coloured pens



I hope I have given you some great ideas to help you for the holiday season to get creative for Christmas.

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