7 Fantastic smelling DIY Bath Bombs & Shower Fizzies recipes

7 DIY Bath Bombs & Shower Fizzies

Do you ever fancy making Bath bombs or even heard of shower fizzies? If you do want to give it a go then try one of these 7 DIY Bath Bombs & Shower Fizzies recipes to get you started.

They are in fact quite easy to make I have made them in the past and what I would say depending on the recipe they can be quite fragile till they harden so it does take some steady hands to get them unmoulded and in one piece!

Handmade bath bombs and shower fizzies are some much nicer than store bought ones and contain only natural products.

They can make wonderful gifts for friends and family as well.

I have listed a selection of bath bomb and shower fizzie recipes for you to try some are easier than others.

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7 DIY Bath bombs and shower fizzes



7 DIY Bath bombs and shower fizzes recipes to make help you relax and make you feel gorgeous in the bath or in the shower. See what you can make today suitable for complete beginners!
7 DIY Bath bombs and shower fizzes recipes to make help you relax and make you feel gorgeous in the bath or in the shower. See what you can make today suitable for complete beginners!
7 DIY Bath bombs and shower fizzes recipes to make help you relax and make you feel gorgeous in the bath or in the shower. See what you can make today suitable for complete beginners!

Bath bombs are super easy to make you just need a few ingredients

For Citric acid ones:

Bicarbonate of soda, Citric acid, and fragrances plus if you want to add colour you can use food grade colouring which you may already have in your cupboard!

Apart from the citric acid most of the ingredients are from your kitchen cupboards cool eh?

Amazon has a few different varieties under $15 dollars.

You will see along with the variety of citric acid you can also buy molds.

The best ratio for bath bombs is 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid – it gives you the fizzy if you want it fizzy and would like to get a hold of citric acid it can be tricky try Amazon you can try this brand below its one of Amazons best sellers and has great reviews it will give you 5 pounds of citric acid under $20.

If you are not sure check out these

5 star reviews.

Cause really you got to have the FIZZ people!

Plus it’s a way to preserve the bath bomb too as it has a little preservative effect too!

I love using essential oils and my goto essential oils are from Plant therapy or Mountain rose herb and Amazon are the easiest to find them all in one go click the image below to get taken to Amazon for more details.

It’s less than $30 for this set of 6 Plant therapy starter packs but if you are not sure then they have a selection of essential oils on Amazon for under $50.

Mountain Rose Herb is one of the best essential oil companies


To Make your DIY bath bombs

If you are going for the basic recipe then here it is:

1 cup of citric acid

2 cups of baking soda

10ml of essential oils

Food colouring liquid or oxide powders- if you are looking for powders Amazon has a huge selection again a great source to try.

Selection the best Mica powders all 5 star reviews four under $30.

This one below is my personal favourite under $15 and Amazon choice item with over 70% 5 star reviews.

Have a look at some of the 5-star rated reviews for yourself see if you feel you would want to buy them.

Water or witch hazel in a spray bottle

  • Measure out your citric acid and baking soda into a bowl make sure they are thoroughly combined
  • Add your desired colour few drops at a time or powder until you get the desired colouring
  • Next add your fragrance
  • Add water or witch hazel using a spray bottle till the mixture just holds together when squeezed
  • Once the mixture has reached this stage add it to the molds as quickly as you can
  • Demould after about 30 minutes and leave to dry
  • Keep your bath bombs in a sealed container to extend their shelf life
  • To add colour splashes to your bath bomb mix mica with isopropyl alcohol and add the colour to the bath bombs using droppers – layering colours till you are happy and leave to dry see recipe below

Bath bomb making tips

  • If you want to use them right away demold them and freeze them
  • Pack the mold tight with the mixture
  • If you add some oils, as well as fragrance, be aware there can be oil residue left in the bath and could make it slippy

For non citric acid bath bombs

You need a few more ingredients –

Again Bicarbonate of soda ( baking soda), cream of tartar and cornstarch other recipes add in Epsom salts, sea salt or just plain table salt but the salts are optional as is the vegetable oils. If you are adding vegetable oils just be aware it can make the bath slippy. Cream of tartar will create a little fizz but it won’t be like the citric acid – come on guys give me the FIZZ!

Cream of tartar is an alternative to citric acid if you can’t find citric acid if you want to get it online you can try Amazon here.

You can use various molds options if you don’t want to have to buy those round ones- including ice cube trays, silicone baking molds – little muffin ones would be nice

For instance these ones here

No bath like me then don’t fret what about a shower steamer!

You just make little bombs and stand them in the shower tray where they fizz up and realize all the wonderful aroma cool eh?

Check out this recipe from Soap Queen

1.Lavender and Tea tree shower steamer

Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Steamers

If you don’t fancy a bath these are quick and easy to make great if you need to do some inhalation to relieve congestion.

2. Painted Berry Bath bombs

Painted Berry Bath Bomb Tutorial

This tutorial is great if you want to get creative with your bath bombs.

3. Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

How about this for a bath bomb! Cocoa powder and chocolate fragrance yummy!

If you are dying to try the recipe here is the link

How to make Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

4. Fizzy cupcake bath bombs

How cool are these ones!

Little bath bombs that look like a cupcake.

Ok so the base is the bath bomb and the frosting is meringue powder – you basically make a royal icing frosting so if you feel like branching out here is the recipe to give it a go.

Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs


5. DIY Christmas tree bath bomb

How about making Christmas tree molds to make your bath bomb then using food grade sprinkles to add to the mixture to give it the sparkles, or dried flowers or herbs and mica to create powder finish.

Fancy making up some Christmas cheer check out the recipe here

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

6. DIY Donut bath bombs

You will need to use donut-shaped molds for these bath bombs and opaque melt and pour soap base – if you are looking for a soap base then check this base out. You simply need to melt it and leave to cool slightly then dip in the bath bombs and once set add a second coat then immediately add sprinkles then leave to dry completely.



So if you are dying to make these for gifts then here is the link

DIY Donut Bath Bombs

7. Peppermint and orange shower steamer

This is a great wee recipe only using cornstarch water essential oils and colourant if you want.

Quick to make and add to the shower to release all that wonderful essential oil fragrances especially great if you don’t have a bath!

If you want a no-fail recipe this is the one to try HERE.

The Best Shower Steamers Recipe to Energize Your Morning

Hope you enjoyed my tour around the internet to some of my favourite shower and bath bombs to use if you are in the mood for some relaxation.

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