Genius DIY Home Organization Ideas (Cheap Hacks)

Genius DIY Home Organization Ideas (Cheap Hacks)

It is now February and you are thinking it is time to organize your house. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money how about trying these DIY home organization ideas.

Read on to see how much you can declutter and organize without spending money today.

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How can I organize my home

I recommend if you are going to start organizing your home then you do it one chunk at a time do not try and organize the whole house in a day!

You will get demotivated and actually end up not doing much at all.

Tackle one room at a time.

Once you have organized each room then the challenge begins because you want to keep it organized by continuing a daily and weekly declutter otherwise there is the risk it gets out of control again.

White office shelves with folders and different stationery, close up

How can I organize without spending money?

There are lots of ways to organize things without spending money. One of the easiest ways is to simply declutter.

I love doing this especially with my wardrobe. I can make more room for new clothes ( joking) and give away clothes that I no longer wear.

How to organize small spaces like a closet

Firstly assess what you have and unfortunately the easiest way to do that is to empty your closet onto a sheet on the floor or on the bed.

Next decide what you wear most often keep these to one side. Anything that is left figure out when you last wore it can you make any outfits from what is left? Are you really going to wear what is left.

That just in case things are never going to happen so if you are keeping it just in case my advice is to declutter. 

I recently gave two large garbage bags of items away to the thrift shop. I was ruthless and do you know what I don’t miss a thing!

Once you have decided what you are going to donate, split your clothes into summer and winter.

Storage bags or vacuum storage bags are great to store your out of season items till you need them in places like under the bed.

Now can you use baskets on shelves to keep things tidy? Or use shelf dividers?

How about using this DIY hack if you have lots of small stuff to organize. Organize your scarves with this nifty idea. 


You could also use this for ties as well.

Here is a Room by Room Organization Ideas:

Kitchen organization Ideas

Under the Kitchen sink

If there is one thing that I need to organize it is under my sink in my utility room it is a BIG mess.

I was looking for some great ideas and came across this one from a bowlful of lemons. It is super cool! 

If you need to declutter under your sink in your kitchen or utility so you can find all your cleaning items then find out how you could do it without spending a lot of money.

If you have baskets lying around you don’t use or small plastic tubs how about putting them to a new use.


Simple DIY trash bags on a Roll

This is such a simple idea. If you have trash bags all over the place how about using a roll to hang them on so they are easy to get to.

What you Need:

Curtain rods brackets

Craft Dowel precut

White spray paint

Paint the dowels white or any other jazzy colour you want. Fit the curtain rod brackets ( or get the DIYer to do this step). Next step is to add the trash bag roll and hang on the curtain rod brackets and there you go!


Pantry Organizer DIY idea

Use these great containers from Walmart and then label them if you have Cricut you can make your own unique labels otherwise a pen will do the trick.


Bedroom organization Ideas

If you have a door in your bedroom and I am betting you do, how about this great idea. The shoe organizer for organizing anything it’s not just for shoes you know!

I had one when I used to live with my folks and I absolutely loved it. Make sure you buy a decent quality one if you are using it for heavier items otherwise it will rip.


Jewellery Organizer – Antique Rake

Try your local thrift shop or junk shop for an antique rake.

It makes a great Jewellery organizer.


Bedroom drawer Dividers

Reuse any cardboard boxes that you have by customizing them for your drawers. Cut them up to size and cover them with pretty paper.


Living Room organization Ideas

Fold up Pallet Desk 

This would be great for a child’s bedroom for school work.

Grab yourself a pallet. A builders merchants will have lots or the hardware shop.

You don’t need a whole lot of items for this either.


DIY Magazine Storage

Make magazine storage from old cereal boxes or you can use foam core board.

Once you have the magazine storage box cut out. Select some pretty paper and cover the magazine box using mod podge and pretty paper.


Home Office organization

Pretty pen pots made from tin cans and you guessed it pretty paper.


Garden Shed Organization

If you need to organize your tool this nifty trick will tidy up your garden shed.

I really need to try this one it looks great.


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Give these simple DIY home organization ideas a try today.

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