11 DIY Ideas for home decor (includes Dollar store items)

11 DIY ideas for home Decor (using Dollar store items)

Are you desperate to make over your home but your budget is limited how about some DIY ideas for home decor using Dollar store items from your local dollar store?

If your serious about saving money then these great ideas will help you out.

If you want to make something there are beginners ideas for you too! So whip out your creativity and lets get started!

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So first of all your going to need some basic supplies to start off on your DIY ideas.

Most of the stuff isn’t very expensive either so get out and find those bargains or re-purpose what you have at home.

✔️Items you could buy at Dollar Tree for DIY ideas for home decor

Vase or Jars
Storage Bins


Craft supplies for DIY home decor ideas:

Spray Paint – you can use this paint on lots of different types of surfaces so pick up some and give it a try
Epoxy Glue
Hot gun
Mod Podge
Paint Brushes



Here are some tips for DIY ideas for home decor to make your home beautiful when you have little money

Rearrange your existing furniture – this is by far the cheapest option it can make difference to the room even taking away piece that are broken or don’t go with the room can help to – decluttering can also have a massive impact on the room.

Nature has it – so borrow it- wild flowers ( as long as they are not protected) arranged as a centrepiece to your dining table, cut branches especially great at Christmas like holly or fir branches with pine cones, get cuttings of plants from friends to have more house plants they can liven up a room and are great for improving the air quality


Up-cycle your existing furniture – consider repainting a chair or adding a new cushion pad or recovering a chair if your up for a challenge

Highlight your existing Architectural details – you have lovely hard wood floors for instance don’t clutter them up with lots of rugs and furniture make them the centrepiece of the room lets face it they would have been expensive to lay so make them the star attraction of the room!

Add colour or add wallpaper – change the room by changing the colour this can have a massive impact on the room check out magazines to see what the latest looks are and find paint that will work for that look even just adding colour or wallpaper to one wall can have a dramatic effect.




Throw pillows- change the covers update them for a new look here are some gorgeous options from target ( don’t go overboard here you want to be able to sit on a sofa).

Hang original Art on the walls – buy some original Art check out how magazines display Art don’t hang it on every wall! Looking to buy some affordable Art find some original Art work here.

Update fixtures – like door knobs especially in the kitchen it will make a huge difference to the overall look of the room.




Splash-backs – again a simple change which can have a huge impact in a bathroom or kitchen. There are a huge range of options that don’t involve tiles you can add Acrylic or tiles which have an adhesive backing.

Make the room appear larger- add a nice sized mirror can give the illusion of a larger room

Use old Maps – visit thrift stores old maps can make great art




✔️Here are specific DIY ideas for home decor

If your looking for specific DIY ideas for your home decor here are some gorgeous projects to try:


DIY Topiary Trees

If you don’t want the hassle of watering and leaves dropping then what about these DIY topiary trees.

Materials Required
Greenery Balls
Floral foam
Modelling clay




DIY burlap Monogram

If your looking for a cute project for a wall hanging.

Supplies for this project:

Wooden Plaque
Scrapbook Paper
Burlap canvas
Letter Block



If you want to see the instructions click here.



DIY Chic Jewellery storage tray or Wall Art

If you have ever come across wooden trays or bowls in thrift shops how about re-purposing them in to gorgeous bowls or trays to use for thinks like jewellery.

Give them a paint makeover and you will be amazed at the transformation.

Supplies required:

Wooden bowels or trays


If you want to make these then click here for the instructions.


DIY Serving Tray

If you have an old mirror you need to revamp how about turning it into a serving tray.

Framed mirror with a frame you like this will act as the tray rim
Place mats

The instructions suggest not gluing in the place mat over the mirror rather than removing the glass. Just use the place mat over the glass personally I would try and remove the glass in case it gets broken.

Here is it how it looks:




DIY Burlap storage Bins

If you are looking to for storage bins for a shelf unit how about this option for turning plastic dollar store bins into a burlap bin.
Perfect to start organising your space.

Supplies needed:
Plastic dollar bins
Burlap fabric 
Spray paint for plastic 
Add labels  ( optional)


Here are the instructions for the burlap baskets.



DIY Bandanna Pillows – No sew

Not great at sewing how about these no sew bandanna pillows? If you have any you could turn into pillows all you would need would be the no sew adhesive, filling or pillow insert depending on the type of pillow you would make.

Supplies include:
Bandanna 22” x 22” makes 16” x 16” pillows
No Sew Adhesive
Pillow Insert


Instructions for sewing and not sewing pillows can be found here.



DIY Mini Terrarium

This mini greenhouse is made from Picture frames like these options with the glass carefully removed and hinges added to smaller picture frames to create the lid.


It would be great to grow fragile herbs like basil.



DIY Glass bead candle holder

Its amazing what you can do with glass beads and a glass vases.
Here are the supplies you would need:

Glass beads
Glass vase
Glue gun

The great thing with this is you can use any colour of glass bead you want to coordinate to your room.


For Instructions click here.



DIY Mirror from compacts

Dollar stores compacts turned into a gorgeous mirror for your hallway.

Dollar store compacts
Spray paint


Instructions can be found here.


DIY Up cycle chest of drawer

What about up cycling a chest of drawer with fancy wallpaper.

Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel in Gloss Black
Wallpaper Glue




DIY Dollar Store Ombre Vases

Ombre vases which are quick and easy to make and be colour coordinated to your room.

Supplies required:

High gloss glass paint
Dollar Store Vase


If you are looking for the instructions then click here.


There you have it a run down of things you can do to give your rooms a makeover without breaking the bank.

If your looking to save money on DIY ideas for home decor then how about you try out one of the ideas!


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