13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars

13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars

So what are Mason Jars?

They were invented in America by a chap called funnily enough John Landis Mason hence the name Mason Jars so instead of using them for what they were invented for I will show you 13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars.

They are generally used for canning food stuff because of the two-part top which has a rubber seal to create a vacuum and an outer band with screw threads making it reusable.

The lids have to be renewed but the jar and bands are reusable in canning foods.

13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars



13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars

13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars



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I love crafty stuff and when I was browsing Etsy I noticed a lot of Mason jars for sale which have been upcycled.

I thought I would bring together different ideas on what to do with Mason Jars.

Not only will it give you ideas about what to do with all those Mason Jars but it can save you money as well!

There are some great ideas on the list to create presents for family and friends and homemade presents are even better than bought ones!

So what can you do with your spare jars?

Here are some ideas to get you started if you have Jars you want to repurpose:

  1. Lights
  2. Planters
  3. Use them as tissue holders
  4. Vases
  5. For holding wool when crafting or twine dispensers
  6. Sewing kit in a jar
  7. Screw the caps to a shelf and use them as storage
  8. Snow globes
  9. Make homemade candles
  10. Premixed Cocktails for parties
  11. Terrariums
  12. Soap dispensers
  13. Piggy bank

Of course, the ultimate use for these nifty jars is for canning your own produce.



I love the Idea of using them for lights Robin has somehow managed to take string, Christmas lights, and a coat rack!

It’s astonishing that using such simple items can create a beautiful string of lights.- All things Heart and Home

You could also string them out along a pathway to light it up a night if you were having a party just another thought for you! To do that you would want to use tealight candles inside the jars instead.

Photo from All things heart and home


The options here are endless once you paint them they can be used for lots of different storage items.

This planter option is so cute though have a look and see what you think?

kates little shop planter
Photo from Etsy shop Kates little shop

You need to paint the Mason jars with Acrylic Enamel paint and then bake them to get this finish or alternatively you could just buy planters like this one from Kates little shop. The one above is from kates little shop this is one of my favourites and she does ships from the USA and can also custom make your choice of options.

Tissue Holders

You can also use them as tissue holders. I like this idea no more taking out one tissue and getting ten in a clump from your tissue box.

Photo for Landees website

Landee shows you how to make a tissue holder from mason jars and also which type of tissues to use to fit the jar perfectly.

If you want more details on how to make a tissue holder then checkout Landee’s website landeeseelandeedo.com



What about painting the Jars to use as Wedding centerpieces how cool is that!

To see what I mean have a look at these centerpieces on Etsy this selection is fantastic it will be difficult to pick one.

If you didn’t have time to make it yourself you could always buy it.

This is one of my favourites similar to the one below its available on Etsy for under $36 for a set of 6.

I love the idea of saving money for your wedding by making your own centerpieces and turning mason jars into Vases for flowers.

How about glitter if you like sparkle this gold vase would certainly give it some bling!

Photo from Wedding of my Dreams shop on Not on the High street

Would you rather buy it then have a look at Not on the high street shop Wedding of my dreams

Twine or Wool Dispenser

If you are a crafty type like me you would love this idea.

Decorate your mason jar if you want with some of the ideas on this post.

Stuck with your wool getting in a knot, rolling away from you once you have rolled it into a ball then don’t fret put it in a mason jar to make it easier to use your ball of wool.

I am definitely going to do this ONE!

Saved from Pinterest


Sewing Kit in a jar

Needing a present for the lady or gent who sews what about this idea its fab!

If you have extra Jars and you want to make something either as a gift or to make a sell.

I reckon this is a great idea.

Mason Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

This is soooo cute!!

Who wouldn’t want to receive this as a present!

I would love it HINT HINT! – to the relative reading this.

If you would rather buy this try out this option.

Etsy shop
Photo from Sandymscraftsupplies

I love this Mason jar sewing kit with the cute little bow on the top and side. And along with the sewing items in the jar its made to order and you can decide on the size of the jar.

Storage shelf

What about this idea great for the DIYer in your life.

Needing space for all those screws bolts etc.

What about using mason jars to screw extreme glue onto the underside of shelves making extra storage in your garage.

You can buy these shelves already made if you don’t have time to make them yourself have a look at this lovely selection on Etsy all under $25. 

If you want an idea of what I mean check out these shelves HERE to give you an idea of what you can do this is also one of my favourites if you are looking to buy it on Etsy its less than $40 with five star reviews which you can see by clicking the link if you are not sure its something you should purchase. Have a look an see how many folks are liking these products.

5-star reviews on the Etsy.


Photo from Etsy shop Viaburlap

Here is another idea as a storage shelf instead of screwing them in what about mounting them to a shelf.

Photo from Etsy shop Stjosephworkshop

Here is another idea



Snow globes

Looking for presents for your kiddies what about this!

Snow Globes what a cool idea!

How to Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe in 7 Easy Steps

There are endless ideas to add to the mason jar – make it Christmassy with a tree.

Homemade Candles

There are so many options for this you can add tea lights and decorate the jars to like this to create a fabulous quotation as a gift to your favourite person.

There are various selections available on Etsy of tea light candles under $25 check them out if you would rather buy one.

My Favourite if the one below but it is no longer available browse the selection above to see if there is anything that would give you ideas or that you would want to buy.

Photo from Etsy shop Gracieandfloprints

If you don’t feel you are up to this kind of decoration you could create the mason jar with a handle and add a tea light to make it a hanging light.

Photo from Candlescience

Of course, you don’t have to make the tealight!

Wouldn’t they look great a table centrepieces for a romantic meal?

You could also make your own candles in Mason jars

DIY | poured mason jar candle

What about scenting the candles how fabulous would that be!

Cocktail Jar holders

What about this for a party idea!

Pre make your favourite cocktails and add them to the mason jars in a big tub of ice. Less work for your party and a great idea for different drink ideas.

Top 17 Mason Jar Cocktails

There is plenty of drinks ideas on this website to make up your cocktails.

Needing yet more ideas check out this for seven summer cocktails post from Organic Authority


Photos from Organicauthority

Succulent Terrarium

A Mini garden

Lots of options with this one what about a succulent Terrarium this is gorgeous.

Photo from Huffington post DIY Mason jar Terrarium

Liquid Dispensers

How about adding a pump device to the lid of the Mason jar so you can use it as a soap dispenser.

This can be in the bathroom or in the kitchen depending on what kind of soap you want to add to it.

These days there are so many soap refills available that it’s easier and cheaper than buying the actual soap dispensers.

You can buy the lids for the dispensers from Amazon there are a variety of mason jar dispensers for under $25.

This is one of is great its stainless steel and rust proof.


Piggy bank

Good old money-saving solution what about turning it into a piggy bank!


What about making them into these superhero piggy banks it’s a great way to get kids to save some of their pocket money and if they help when you make them even better.


13 Fabulous DIY ideas to Re-Purpose your old Mason Jars

There You have it 13 ways to Repurpose your Mason jars.

Give them a try not only will it help you save money but its good for the environment as well.

It’s a win win!



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