11 Fantastic FREE beginners Blogging courses (updated 2019)

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11 Fantastic FREE beginners Blogging courses (updated 2019)

You have started or are thinking about starting a blog but your not sure where to begin you’ve read tonnes of blogs and have gotten a bit -Well maybe A LOT OVERWHELMED! Today I go through FREE beginners Blogging courses to help reach your blogging goals and make things less overwhelming!

Ok, what now!

What about a list of really useful courses that will help you reach your blogging goals THATS FREE!


(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

If you haven’t yet started your blog then you need to check out my resources on how to start your blog.


Ok, lets get started here is a rundown of 11 Fabulous and FREE beginners blogging course.

1. DaretoConquer and BlogSimpleframework

My favourite blogging courses are now split and you can sign up for the FREE blogging email series for his Blogsimpleframework and his paid courses for Blogsimpleframework.

If you simply want to learn what goes into setting up a blog to make $1000 over per month fast and easily without lots of hassle then this course if for you.

If however you want to start a business and you would like to see the how to do it for

$1 YEP its as good a FREE then sign up to his Daretoconquer roadmap.


The Roadmap is basically that it takes you through the elements you need to know and in what order to build your online business don’t forget its only $1!

If you really want someone taking you by the hand and showing you what you should be doing if your feeling overwhelmed and confused

try this roadmap today!

This Roadmap will include courses on:

Hero Branding – how to find your hero

Tribe love – how to find your tribe

Find out more here today.

2. Mommyonpurpose

How to start a blog and make money

Carly shows you how to start a blog but not only explains this but the CRUCIAL POINT how to make money with it!

I love Carly’s posts and her newsletters always contain great tips to give you lots of information.

Best of all its not your usual hype a million samey emails hers are truly different.

If you want to learn how to treat starting a blog as a job and learning how only approximately 10% of bloggers actually make money full time with their blog.

One thing she does mention that few bloggers do is that if you are treating it like a job then you need TRAINING which is why I have spent nearly $1000 dollars on courses for my blog so far.

You need to invest to get a return so if you want to check out her paid course on Affiliate marketing Strategies then you can ENROL here – you can find out more about it in this related post.


FREE blogging courses to help reach your blogging goals

More FREE beginners Blogging courses:

3. Momsmakecents

Mckenzie has a Free Pinterest Primer course.

If you are looking to start on Pinterest then I recommend her free course.

The list of topics include:

How to perfect your Pinterest profile, how to create viral pins, how to schedule like a pro, mistakes you are making on Pinterest.

So if you’re looking for a free introduction to Pinterest as your social media referral then try her course.

Mckenzie simplifies things to the basics so you won’t get confused and walks you through each step via her series of videos.

If you want to give it a shot don’t forget its FREE!


4. Lovefamilyhealth

This freebie let Pinterest help you grow your email list

Megan’s free course is great to get a hand on email marketing using Pinterest to help with increasing your list.- check out her FREE course HERE.

The course is great because it doesn’t focus on freebie guides for blogging but on other options too so if you’re NOT blogging about blogging this is for you!

The workshop goes into how to create the perfect freebie and use a great blog post to promote it!

She also goes into pin creation to market your incentives and how to craft the perfect opt-in forms and email sequences. She also answers how often you should email your audience and what you should say!

So if you need more information on creating your first OPT-INS and how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to that opt-in and how to design you’re opt-ins then this FREE course is for you!

If you want a more detailed introduction to Pinterest and take your pinning further she has a fantastic ebook with will really give you an inside guide to Pinterest if you fancy checking it out you can find the information HERE.

 FREE blogging courses to help reach your blogging goals

5. Organizeyour.biz

If you are looking for more info on using Pinterest solely as an income generation model then check out this course by Christina.

There is a ton of value in the free course as she has two other bonus courses as well.


Her free Pinterest course will help you understand the mechanics of making money on Pinterest without a BLOG.

She answers the basic question people have about Affiliate marketing on Pinterest like how to get paid if you have to disclose if you have to declare it for tax, how much can you earn and how long it will take.

If you have no idea that you can make money Christina dives into how much and how to do it.

She also debunks the myth that this is a scam – and shows you emails and testimonials to prove it is definitely possible.

You also find out which programs you should use when you are starting out.

Included with this all is another program on setting up Your Pinterest account including dos and dont’s as well as how to start with Tailwindapp.

6. Blog Legally – You do need to know this stuff

This isn’t the most riveting subject but its good to know there is a FREE course out there for any NEWBIE blogger.

Lucrezia is an attorney and blogger and will give you the low down on making sure your blog is LEGAL!

Because she has International experience as a lawyer she can show you how to make your blog legal both for FTC and GDPR rules!

This Free course goes through which pages you need on your blog and why you need them as well as the dreaded GDPR.

If you are overwhelmed and confused needing a hand to sort out the LEGAL stuff as a new blog then



Lucrezia also has a  PAID COURSE legal bundle you can find out more about as well here.

I have her awesome covering everything I need to   make my blog legal for GDPR not exciting but required by LAW:

GDPR course so if you need to brush up on that you can grab it here.

7. Startamomblog

Suzi takes you from start to how she made over $9000 per month in less than a year.

She gives you a template to start your blog during the first month- its a step by step guide on what you should be doing – if you like CHECKLISTS this if for you.

Each day of the month is covered by a timescale for the activity great if you need a clear guide on how long each activity will take! Ie. BUSY mom!

In addition, she also gives you additional resources for each of the day’s launch plan.

I have to say you would have to be going some to try and get everything done in a month if you aren’t sure what you are doing so I would maybe consider it a three-month plan just to be on the safe side!

Suzi is amazing how much she achieves is incredible especially with three young kids!

8. Twinsmommy


If you are wanting to start a blog, grow your traffic and start earning from it, my brand new 6-day free email course is just for you.

If you like Elna’s style you will like here FREE course on starting a blog with a bang.

  • deciding on your niche
  • tech side of blogging
  • how to grow traffic
  • using Pinterest
  • she also has an added bonus- blog post ideas, ways to grow your email list and grow your traffic.


9. Build your own brand

Ok, this is the ultimate in video courses!

I have done it when I was starting off and overwhelmed and confused about WordPress.

Pat Flynn walks you through how to start a blog on WordPress how to navigate WordPress and how to use the Total theme.

It’s amazing and it’s FREE!

If you want to check it out you can sign up HERE.

He goes into each day with 3 to 4 videos and they are not short either they are jam-packed full of value.

If you want a video course then this one if for you if you are brand NEW to blogging:

He includes things like

  • Learning about what makes a successful brand, how to choose your name and the mechanics of setting up your website.
  • Once you have your website up and running what else do you need to do? – enter the back end stuff, for example, choosing a theme, what plugins to use and setting up google analytics
  • Front end stuff includes the pages you should have set up on your website
  • Social media overview
  • The final video is an overview of creating content and starting an email list

FREE blogging courses to help reach your blogging goals

10. Making sense of cents

Making sense of cents also has a course on how to start a blog course.

The outline of the course includes reasons to start a blog, what to blog, how to start the blog – mechanics of this, how to make money blogging, tips for passive income from blogging, how to grow your blog.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

She also has a paid course which lots of people recommend – I haven’t taken it so I have no idea whether its worth it or not?

If you want to check it out it called Making sense of Affiliate marketing and you can find more information about it HERE – I haven’t tried her paid course so I can’t tell you one way or another what its like.



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