3 Tips to Increase your Website Traffic

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3 Tips to Increase your Website Traffic


Your traffic to your blog is in the doldrums your frustrated and just want some easy tips to increase your website traffic!

The most important thing for generating traffic is to focus on a few things, not lots of things or you will get overwhelmed.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Here are some tips to get you on the right road to increasing your traffic today.


(If this post contains email links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)


How do you start to increase your blog traffic?

Start by focusing on just two platforms:

  • Google – SEO 
  • Pinterest

The advantage to doing this is that they are very similar because they are both search engines ( yes Pinterest is a search engine ) and if you find keywords on one platform chances are they are very similar in the other platform so it halves your time!


So you know you need traffic but you’re all over the place thinking you should try this and that.

Every time a guru says try this you do and now your just overwhelmed!

☑️Best Resource to Increase Your Website Traffic

What if you could have someone tell you the exact steps you should take wouldn’t that be great!

I was there I feel your pain I tried lots of different ways to get traffic until I decided to buy this specific course.

If you curious or in a hurry to find out now:



What should you focus on to increase your Website Traffic

I was so gratefully I found this resource it helped me figure out what I should be concentration on when it comes to generating traffic to my blogs here is how it helped me:


  • Organise and focus my content – now is a great time to revamp your blog content as we are coming to the end of the ‘summer’ slump, to be honest, I haven’t found too much of a slump mostly because I have been actively planning and testing stuff on my blog. Traffic transformation can help you with this type of activity so don’t hold back go for it you won’t be a disappointment.  Get deliberate with your blog content.
  • Write my content with a plan – it’s only recently that I really have understood what this means before I was just churning out content here and there without any thought – planning helps especially for Fall and winter when blog traffic tends to increase anyway. Don’t leave it till then to get cracking find out what sort of planning you should be doing find out here.
  • Which social media to focus on and why – go to social media channel – really is more of a search engine is Pinterest right it’s my top traffic source don’t leave traffic on the table.
  • Tasks to stop doing right now- don’t be everywhere you can’t possibly do it all so find out what are the important tasks you should be focusing on.


I was so confused about what I should be tackling I knew I needed the traffic to make conversions for may affiliate marketing I just wasn’t getting any! 


You can write the best blog posts in the world but if you aren’t getting eyeballs on it you aren’t going to be able to make an income from Ad’s or Affiliate marketing or your own courses!


If you sit down and follow through by doing the recommendations you can feel confident that this course has all the information you need to solve your traffic issues. 


Ready to buy or find out what’s in the course then click here if you looking for a step by step guide to help end your confusion on getting traffic to your website NOW.




Not sure if Traffic Transformation is really for you?


Ok, so will it work for you?

If you put the work it and give it time yes it can work for you!

One thing I haven’t done its experiment with things that will work for me and you know what if I had actually used step 14 earlier I wouldn’t have had to wait to see the differences here is a snapshot of my account since I decided to focus on one method of generating traffic with Pinterest. It has only been a month but look at what has happened to my traffic!



Ok, let’s take a step back what I can say is Traffic transformation will give you tools in a step by step manner you can implement on your blog now and the best bits about it is you can pick and choose which bits to focus on first.

You don’t have to implement everything straight away but you DO have to implement things!


Will Traffic transformation really work Maybe it worked for you, but will it work for me?


Honestly, it didn’t work for me for the longest time till I had my AHA moment when I realised just how much money I have spent on useless courses and not implement courses that have tonnes of value- like Traffic Transformation. 


> Enroll now in Traffic Transformation so that you can learn to focus on the right things to build traffic to your blog NOW<


How much does it cost? 

Speaking as someone who has done tonnes of courses I can say yes it’s totally worth the cost! 

Its less than $80 at the moment and is well worth it.

If you don’t feel you want to spend that kind of money just now how about getting Lena’s FREE 



I would say Traffic Transformation NOT for advanced bloggers although I have gone through it again and thought darn why didn’t I see that I should have done that!


Its an overview of steps you need to try it doesn’t go in-depth if it did the guide would be humungous and honestly, that would lead to overwhelm.


There is enough information in it to get you started on the right path and focus on the right actions for your blog.


You can look at other courses but you first need to know what other courses you should be looking at!

What I mean by that is if you don’t have the basics down you will get even more confused with the more advanced techniques.


Step 18 talks about optimizing for Search Engines in a simple easy to implement manner without going through a huge SEO course. It is a quick step you can build into your posts to help build up your traffic but not in-depth so won’t scare you when you aren’t ready to tackle this!

I have since gone on to buy Lena’s Adventures in SEO course which is amazing! But that’s another story!


Will I regret purchasing this?

I don’t think you will regret buying it there is so much information in it to get start you off you will be amazed.

Best of all any future upgrades are FREE ( and I know there is one coming soon so if you want it now you can buy it here in case with the upgrade the price changes!

I don’t know if the price will change but you never know?!


> wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the traffic you need to your blog today? BUY traffic transformation NOW<


How long until I start seeing results?

It depends how much time you put in to implementing the steps in Traffic transformation and also things like:

  • How many posts you right per week
  • What your niche is ( is it in a super popular Pinterest topic)
  • How much time you have to promote your posts using the techniques in this step by step guide.


If you want to improve your traffic today, focus on the right things and not feel totally overwhelmed then Traffic transformation is for you.



If you are stuck feel reach out and I can see if I can help:


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