Make money Blogging: Find out how I earned $400

By Lia

Do you want to know how to make money blogging? Find out how I made $400 from affiliate marketing.

Why publish my Income reports? Basically I want to show you how I am earning money from this blog. Find out how I earned $400 with a small blog using affiliate marketing.

I will be the first to admit this Income report is long overdue and not up at the high echoleons of earnings that some other bloggers have gotten to!

But if you want to know how an ordinary blogger with a JOB does then check out this Income report.

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I want to publish even this little amount just to show you what is possible and how long it really does take to get things going!

Blogging is not an overnight thing and don’t believe any blogger how tells you otherwise!

If you want to read my other Income reports you can do that here.  

Ok, pep talk over!

Just how do you start a blog

If you are still with me and fancy your own piece of blogging heaven then starting a blog is super easy! First purchase hosting I use Siteground they have been consistently great with support just recently I spent an hour with them trying to sort out what happened with my blog when WordPress upgraded.

Turns out my theme was too old so I needed to upgrade to a different theme enter Generatepress instead. Still getting use to it.

Anyways Siteground is the way to go if you are starting out from less than $4 per month you can put your foot onto the blogging ladder.

In my blog resources section you will find out how to start a blog with tips including:

  • How to decide what to write about
  • Which hosting company you should choose and why 
  • See how to get online in as little as 20 minutes
  • Design themes to pick 
  • How to install Google analytics and Google console plus much more

I started this little old blog in November 2017 but never really got properly started until January 2018.

I signed up for hosting with Siteground and managed to get a fab deal for 3 years- less than $3.95 per month plus a FREE domain name ( I have since upgraded to Growbig plan as I have more than one website) 

Web Hosting

So Start your blog for as little as $3.95 per month with the hosting company I use and still continue to use.

Don’t forget though if you can wait a little they do do some great deals around Black Friday so if you want to save even more click here to find out what they can do for you.

Still not convinced how about signing up for my FREE step by step email course below:

Ok, Let’s get into the details now!

Blog Income Report time

So I last published my report in January 2019 to my email list subscribers and here were my stats for then and now so yeh it’s great that traffic has increased!

Blogging Income

All the Income I have earned for this blog has been through affiliate marketing I don’t have Ad’s on the site.

If your interested in finding out more about Affiliate Marketing then check out these posts:

Income that actually hit my bank account not including what is sitting in my affiliate accounts:

Grand total Income is over £300 approx just $400 I don’t go into detail on exactly what has earned me what but if you want the finer points you can sign to my email list using the Optin above or using my blogging planner below if you fancy that instead?:

Could this be better YEP it could till January 2019 my income was just $50 so its an improvement especially since I can’t leave my JOB quite yet!

I can tell which Affiliate programs I have earned money with in no particular date order:

Traffic Transformation 


Daretoconquer 100k Roadmap 

Dishoutsocial Manual pinning Simplified 

Ultimate Bundles this program is my most popular so far.

Amazon Affiliates

Some of the commissions are from both my websites for these accounts

Because I have two sites some of the links are shared across them as in I can use the same link these include:






But that only makes up for about 21% of the total earnings.

79% has been earned through various affiliates on

Current Pageviews for October 2019 – Page views 5276 & sessions 4267

Email Subscribers – 327

Next Steps

  • Finally get this Pinterest beginners guide out
  • Outreach for more collaborations with other bloggers I have already have one done for two posts:
  • More Pinterest VA pitches 
  • Continue looking at the direction of Smartpennies and decide on more products – any suggestions on things you want to see really get to grips with what I want the website to be and what I can really help you with in the really world! Suggestions well guy’s at 
  • Change over my email to Gsuite so that I get email ( don’t reply to this haven’t sorted it yet.
  • Continue on making pins and posts – Planting my flag so to speak get into Mediavine Ad network for one of my sites at the very least!
  • Update my Legal pages for both sites already done for one site hurrah!

If you need help with legal stuff then you can buy ready to go templates here.

So here is looking forward to November and an increase in my income!

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