7 Ways to Make money with Passive income (While you sleep)

By Lia

7 Ways to Make money with Passive income (While you sleep )


Make money with Passive Income is great-  work once get paid again and again sound good doesn’t it?


Here are 7+ Ways to Make money while you sleep are you wondering what you can do? Is it legitimate work how on earth can you only work once and then get paid again and again!

This post will explain creative ways to make money with passive income.

If you have an internet connection you could potentially make money from Passive income.


(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although i have to warn you it is quite boring, but if you really must read it you can find it Here)



Here are the 3 Top Ways to Make money with Passive Income


Start a BLOG

Learn more
Best Resource

Affiliate Marketing

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Make Money on Pinterest

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What is Passive Income and how can you make Money with Passive Income


It’s not what you think! The title of Passive income is a bit misleading.


It’s not making money without doing anything the reality is it’s hard work and can be slow to earn extra money but once it is set up it can earn money for you again and again hence the reason it is called Passive Income.


But what it does mean is you do lots of work upfront so eventually you will get a return on all your hard work and start reaping the rewards in terms of Passive income. I will explain the difference between different types of Passive Income later on so keep reading.


You can continually earn income on digital products again and again and it is a REAL way to earn extra cash.


What is the Difference between Active and Passive Income

Now you know what Passive Income is!

Let me explain what Active Income is basically it’s your 9-5 you go to work to earn money from your day job!


You are trading your time for money and that is the great thing about Passive Income work once and get paid again and again so you are NOT trading your time for money!


Different Approaches to Passive Income

There are different types of Passive Income.

Yep, I know a wee bit confusing!

Let me explain.

Passive income can include either investing Money or Investing your Time.

No money don’t sweat you can still make money with Passive income here is a quick breakdown on the different things you can do for either investing your time or Money.


Invest Time

Invest Money

Do you have plenty of time to spare?

But only a little cash then here are some great examples of Passive Income.

Have a bunch of Cash in your account? Look at investing it for returns and little work.


  • Open a high yield saving account
  • Buy Real estate
  • Rent out your spare room
  • Invest in stocks & shares
  • Cashback on shopping



What is the Best Way to Make Money from Passive Income 24/7

One of the best ways to have scalable income is to have multiple Passive income Revenue streams. So following the examples above in the Investment of time you could:

    • Start a blog this will give you an income if you monetize with Affiliate links and leads on to earning money with
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Once you get sufficient steady traffic to your blog you can also monetize it with Ad’s
    • Once you have an audience you could create an eBook and sell this to that blog audience so you could then also get income with this
    • Next, you could create an eCourse and sell that to your audience after that what about a Membership site.

Ok, so that is 6 revenue streams just from Starting a blog.


How can I make Money Right Now

If you are desperate to make money RIGHT now then I recommend surveys and cashback – a combined option is:

  1. Swagbucks they have surveys you can complete as well as cashback on shopping on the internet basically a get paid-for-site.

You can get paid to take:

  • Surveys
  • play video games
  • watch videos
  • try out free product samples

Each time you undertake an activity you get points which can be converted to dollars.


I have tried Swagbucks but to be honest I have a short attention span for this sort of thing so I didn’t stick with it!


You won’t make thousands but every little helps!

When you sign up they offer a $5 cash bonus when you sign up here.


If you only want to try survey sites then Survey Junkie is another option I personally haven’t tried them but they get a good reputation.


  1. My favourite easy way to earn extra cash is through Shopping apps.

In the UK we can use Topcashback and they are now in the US I have already earned over $12 in a few weeks of just making sure I log into them first then over to Amazon or Ebay for any purchases.

They have tonnes of different companies you can work with including Nike and Home depot so give them a try.

You just have to remember to log into them first before you go shopping!


  1. Ebates is super popular in the US shame we haven’t gotten an equivalent over here but they are highly recommended as another shopping app.



Legitimate Passive income Ideas


So yes you can make money in your Sleep as long as you have done the work up front!


Does this remind you of anything? Like for instance BLOGGING??


Yep once you have done the work to put systems in place you can reap the rewards – there is no MAGIC wand that will turn your business into a Passive income generating superstar.


You have to put the work in to start with.

So if you fancy trying this blogging thing check out my How to start a blog Emails series here:






How did I EARN my first extra cash from home online?

Now, remember I said it was a load of work up front so not to disappoint you but it has taken me just over a year to earn over $100 this month and hopefully continuing.

If you want to read about how I have managed to do this then check out this post.

How I earned my FIRST $100 BLOGGING

The great thing about this Blogging THING is you can have multiple Revenue streams including things like Affiliate marketing, selling your own Digital download products like eBooks or eCourses. Sell your services like being a Virtual assistant the options are limitless. 

If you are in a hurry to make Extra cash now then start your blog today.




How much can you Earn with Passive Income

If you decided blogging is what you want to do to earn a passive income then the sky is literally the limit.

Top bloggers are earning upwards of $150k per month and some are earning more than that!

If you combine blogging with making your own digital products then you are onto a winner.





Passive Income Ideas to earn Extra cash online 


So if you are still with me read on to make money with Passive Income.

If you are a beginner learn how to start your Passive income generating opportunity today.

The great thing about these Passive Income Ideas is that you do not have to invest Money upfront.

If you do the hard work up front you can reap the financial rewards later on.


1. Affiliate marketing to earn money online

What is Affiliate Marketing? This is a type of marketing where you promote other peoples products and earn a commission.

Depending on what you promote you can earn upwards of 40% commission on some items which I have done! 

It’s really easy to implement but really hard to do well!

One of the large affiliate networks is Amazon Affiliates.

Basically, you are showcasing other Peoples products and you can do this in numerous ways.

Ok so don’t just promote something you don’t know anything about it needs to be high- quality products that you have used or know about so you can talk about them to your audience.

The best place to promote products is via a blog so this is another reason to get started with one today.

If you want more information on how I actually made money with Affiliate Marketing then check out my new post.

How I earned my FIRST $100 BLOGGING

For Example:

So I promoted this course in my review of the course in the post. I genuinely love this course and it has helped me earn my first $1 blogging so by promoting it if anyone buys this course I earn a percentage of the sale as commission. That is the basis of affiliate marketing.

You can also use list posts to promote affiliate products and one of the biggest ones is Awin network which allows you to promote products on Etsy.

This post has links to Etsy products if you want to see it in action:

Mason jars posts

Crochet Blankets

Soap making recipe

Want to find out more about Affiliate marketing then read these posts:

How to make money on Pinterest 

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing


Ready to get started with a Blog:


Lowest Price $3.95

Perfect for New bloggers

If you are looking for a great all-round Hosting company for cost and speed then this is a great option.

Fast using Cloudflare CDN means it loads worldwide
Great security
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Shared hosting can mean slower speeds.




2. Become a Published Author

No, you don’t need to find a Publisher you just need the will and drive to write an eBook and away you go!

Amazon Direct Publishing will do the rest!

If you have a subject you want to write about then go for it – you don’t need to have a full-length novel it can be short non-fiction too!

Here are some examples:

How to start a blog

How to make Passive income from Affiliate marketing

How to make Homemade Body scrubs

How to make and sell crafts from home


Lots of options for all different things! The great thing and bad thing about Amazon is that you are competing with a large Audience for your books to be seen. If you have your own blog or think about starting your own blog then it can be easier to sell your eBook that’s assuming you have traffic to your website.

Resources for writing your own eBook:

How To Write Non-Fiction: Turn Your Knowledge Into Words

Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells

How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days

HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK: In Less Than 7- 14 Days That Will Make You Money Forever




3. Online courses to make money with Passive Income


If you offer something people are looking for then you can really make money with your own products. It is one of the BEST side hustles you can try to make money with passive income.

You would definitely need to make sure that what you produce is something required otherwise you will be hearing crickets!

You can have a look at your competition see what they are offering to give you some ideas – whatever you do you don’t want to copy what someone else has done.

You can also lurk in places like Facebook groups to see the kind of questions people are asking to give you a clue as to what folks want.

This works you are knowledgeable about a particular topic.

As with other passive income strategies once you have constructed your course you can sell it again and again!

You can host your eCourse on platforms like Udemy or Teachable.

Promotion wise you can promote your course via your blog and you can also offer affiliate commissions for other people to promote your course.

It can be a win-win scenario!

This can be another great way to earn extra cash online.


4. Advertising

It is still possible to make money with Ad income alone but these days you do need to sufficient page views to your blog. So if you wanted to make around $1k a month you would need over 100k pageviews to earn this.

There are two Ad networks I recommend

  • Adthrive only apply if you have over 100k page views per month
  • Mediavine you need over 25k page views per month

Both have great reputations for running Ad’s on blogs.

To give you an example of a website that earns its income from Ad’s look at



5. Become a Youtube star to make money with Passive Income

It’s still possible to become a megastar with Youtube.

It takes time and practice to get good with video.

Youtube changed the way you can earn money with Ad revenue and make money now you have to have at least 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watched content monthly to qualify to allow them to display Ad’s before your own video.

One of the best ways to earn is to add Affiliate links to your content on Youtube instead of your blog this way you earn when folks buy the products.



6. Become an Instagram star

If your Instagram account is in great shape ie. you have lots of followers and comments you can approach brands to work with you and pay you to post sponsored content on Instagram for a fee.

Again you can also use Affiliate marketing to promote specific products for people to buy.


7. Renting out your Spare room for AirBnB

If you have a spare bedroom and are willing to have strangers in your house this can be a great money spinner.

You can even hire out the management of the room to a company who will deal with the books and even the cleaning of the room so you don’t have to but for a commission of course.

Best Resources to Make Money with Passive Income

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What are you waiting for to start your dream business to make money with Passive income today! You do need to do the upfront work but wouldn’t it be great to earn money with a passive income whilst you are sleeping!


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