7 Best Work alone jobs for shy Introverts (that Pays well)

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7 Best Work alone jobs for shy Introverts (that Pays well)


Check out these 7 Best Work alone jobs for shy Introverts that also have a great salaries.

If you’re an Introvert (like me) then this post will give you some ideas of the types of jobs you can do that don’t involve too much interaction.

If you need to work remotely then these jobs will fit the bill check them out to see if any of them could suit you?


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By nature Introverts are happy in their own company and need time alone to mull over stuff.

You can still like mixing with other people but sometimes it can be a struggle! You can suffer from extreme shyness and constantly have to work up the energy to put yourself out there so to speak.

You also want to be earning a decent salary lets face it if you have to work at least make it count doing something you enjoy and earning a decent amount.


So if you are looking for a job you can do remotely that doesn’t have a lot of interaction then check out these Work alone jobs for shy Introverts:



This can be very lucrative BUT it’s a long haul thing!

If you have ever thought about starting a blog then just DO it there will never be the right time or right topic.

Find out what you need to do to start a blog here. 

What does it involve:

  • Writing posts
  • Emailing your subscribers
  • Creating your products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Promotion to gain traffic mostly on social media ( Free traffic can come from Pinterest or Google if you need help with Pinterest check out my case study.)
  • Collaboration with fellow bloggers this can be online too via email or video conferencing.


Potential income:

Check out this post of income reports and it can give you an idea of the earning potential.

21 bloggers income reports 


Virtual assistant

This can be a great job for introverts you don’t even need to speak to the person employing you. It can all be done over email if your employer doesn’t feel they need to do an on-board interview.

The hardest part of being a Virtual assistant is getting your first gig!

How do I know because this is what I am doing now.

Pinterest VA work so if this is something you are interested in then you need to make sure you are happy on Pinterest.

There are lots of other VA options too including:

  • Facebook Ad’s VA work
  • VA work managing emails
  • Social media VA work for other channels
  • Editing or formatting posts or products
  • Online research
  • Typing up notes
  • Transcription for audio, video
  • Invoice chasing
  • Diary management
  • Graphic design
  • Email management


Potential Income

If you charge a package fee you could earn more –  on average $15 an hour or more depending on the tasks that need to be done. Facebook VA’s tend to earn the most.

Sell your Handmade creations

Are you a craft or DIY handmade Introvert then this could be your job!

You can sell your handmade creations on places like Etsy, Amazon Handmade and lots of other places online like your own shop.


Earning Potential 

This will depend on the type of things you are selling.

Some crafters can make a full time living from selling their items on Etsy or Shopify. Starting from $1000 per month is possible.


Virtual Bookkeeper

If you are a numbers and spreadsheets kind of person then this online job might be for you.

You don’t necessarily need any qualifications either.

As long as you’re trustworthy and reliable are good at detail this can be something you can look at doing.


Bookkeeping Tasks include:

  • Creating financial records
  • Updating and checking financial records
  • Receipt handling
  • Expenses handling


Possible Salary:

On average $19 per hour according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics



Computer Programming

When you think about online jobs working from home, this is the first thing many people think about. 

It is one of the first options for working from home with a computer.


This can include:

  • Writing programs in various computer languages
  • Software development
  • Website upgrades
  • Development of website plugins or apps
  • Website security 

Lots of roles an overlap.

Possible Salary:

Starting at $50,000 a year increasing to $84,000 from Bureau of Labour Statistics


Writer or Editor

How about becoming an Editor or Writer.

If you are good at writing you could consider becoming a freelance writer.

Tasks include:

  • Writing for blog owners
  • Publishing eBooks
  • Writing for marketing campaigns for companies or blogs


If you decide you would rather do something like Editing writing then you need to be really meticulous, detailed focused and understand the role for that content.


Potential Income:

Writers could expect to earn around $30 per hour.

Editors could expect to earn around $29 per hour.



This area of work is only growing so if you speak a second language fluently this might be the gig for you. Translation involves reading and writing rather than oral language.

If you want to travel this is also a great job to pick.


High demand languages include:

  • Mandarin
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Japanese


If you want to find out more about this post gives you an in depth idea and salary potential for a translator.

Potential salary depending language specialisation:

Starting at $0.10 per word.


If you are an introvert THE perfect job is working from home ONLINE the great thing is these Work alone jobs for shy Introverts can get you started!


If you can become an expert in a particular area you can optimise your salary.

Best of all you have minimal travel expenses and you have a lot more time because you don’t have to travel.

In my book that’s a win win.


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