Quick Beginners guide to SEO (Adventures in SEO)

By Lia

Quick Beginners guide to SEO (Adventures in SEO)

Are you bamboozled about SEO (search engine optimisation) – don’t know what it is? Looking for a quick beginners guide to SEO?

How about I unwrap some easy ways to get your SEO game started.

Ok, so lets get started! 


(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)


What is SEO and How does it works

Basically SEO is a way to improve your page rankings in google.

Google looks for information that is RELEVANT and AUTHORITATIVE. Google will rank your web pages depending on how useful your content is. How much it answers readers questions. 

Links to your content will also show Google that your website has authority.

Write great content that answers readers questions and your website will be noticed and will naturally have back-links develop.



You don’t need fancy tools to do SEO but what you do need is to learn how to do SEO properly. 

So you know that you need to learn SEO but you are all over the place thinking you should try this and that.

Every time a guru says try this you do and now your just overwhelmed! 


☑️Best Resource to Understand and Implement SEO without buying expensive TOOLS

What if you could have someone tell you the exact steps you should take wouldn’t that be great!

I was there I feel your pain I researched lots of ways I should do SEO until I decided to buy this specific course.

If you’re curious or in a hurry to find out now:




What should you focus on 


5 Tips for SEO

1.You should focus on finding great Keywords that are currently not being used on Pinterest or Google to learn how to this Adventures in SEO gives you a logical and free way to find great keywords.

2. Use the Yoast Plugin to make sure you meta-description is filled in with your keywords and also make sure you title is also key-worded.

3. Add your Keywords to your content in a natural way so that it doesn’t look like you have stuffed your post with keywords – that would not be good!

4. Use keywords in your Pinterest descriptions and titles 

5. Register with Google Search Console – it can show you keywords that people have used to find your website.


SEO training 

How much easier would it be if you could have a resource that teaches you both SEO for Google and Pinterest at the same time half the work for double the result. That would be amazing. This is what Adventures in SEO is all about you can see the curriculum lower down on the post.

Adventures in SEO is for all levels of bloggers. BUT Because it also focuses on a Pinterest as well as Google if you have never used Pinterest its probably best not to purchase it unless you are currently planning to learn Pinterest before taking this course.  

BUT You do NOT need prior knowledge of GOOGLE SEO to start this program.

If you want to know whats in the course here is an outline of the course and I know its overwhelming at first but it is so straightforward without using fancy tools you can really get to grips with SEO and find you never have to guess about what keywords to use every again:


>Find out more about Adventures in SEO here.<



Adventures in SEO is only open for a few days each year so you only have a few opportunities to sign up for it. 



How long do I have to sign up – usually its only open for 4 days at a time and you will have to wait till next year for your chance to sign up again with the live classes.

The special thing about these live classes is as you go through the material you will be able to ask any questions about it to Lena Gott in her private facebook group.

Will you need a keyword tool–  NO you don’t need to purchase a tool this course is more about the Art of doing SEO not the technical aspects its very logical and easy to follow step by step strategy. So if you want to use Common sense then this is for you.

Will it work in any niche – students from a multitude of niches have done this course the principles are fairly universal so niche doesn’t matter as much as you think it would.


More Information and Bonuses

If you are not sure its for you Lena Gott has some great bonuses including some FREE lessons from the course you can try today:

You can sign up for FREE training to experience the lessons inside Adventures in SEO here.


If you sign up for Adventures in SEO you will also get some great bonuses including:

  1. Qualify for Mediavine challenge course
  2. Hidden niche training


Not sure if Adventures in SEO is for you?

Wanting to see a review for the course then check out either the case study or video from 3 bloggers from different niches to see how Adventures in SEO has helped them!

If you don’t want to watch the video here is the detail for the Case study instead.



This enrolment will be the last live classes available till next year so get on the list today.




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