5 Great Tailwindapp Pinning Strategies you can try TODAY

5 Great Tailwindapp Pinning Strategies you can try TODAY

Today I am going to talk about 5 great Tailwindapp pinning strategies that I have found for you to try today.

I have been forced to go fully over to using Tailwindapp now as the last letter from Pinterest basically said if you don’t you could get shut down! They can tell you are using Boardbooster as you have to give them permission to access your account via your password.

So I thought I would investigate the best strategies for pinning using Tailwindapp as a scheduler.

So this is what I have found so far and I have included a roundup of strategies used by other folks.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

5 tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today

Ok, something weird has happened!

My Pinterest monthly unique viewers were 155,000k approx on 15th June down from nearly 300,000k in March.

What had I been doing in March:

Currently, Board booster is RIP and I have been using manual pinning along with Tailwindapp to schedule pins and my monthly views have now risen to nearly 300,000k again. If you want to try Tailwindapp its free for the first 100 pins trial so try it now and see if it helps you.

Using Board Booster:

  • To schedule my pins to group boards on random looping schedule once daily
  • Scheduling out pins from group boards to my own boards that needed to be shared
  • Looping my best pins round my best group boards

The great thing about this is that it was done on automatic and when I had new pins I just added them to my one source board once a week and BANG all done!

Using Tailwindapp:

  • To schedule out 3rd party pins to my group boards

Since the end of May 2018 there has been lots of broohaa about Board booster and Pinterest.

I decided by last weekend I would stop using Board Booster.

I don’t mind saying I was gutted!

I loved Board Booster once you get the hang of it you can set it and forget it.

I am guessing here but that is probably part of the issue for Pinterest that people are not interacting to check pins aren’t spamming boards.

Ok so I started off using Pin Inspector to publish my pins to my top boards – its difficult with Tailwindapp as its easy to accidentally add too many pins to boards so I have decided just to pin to boards that allow multiple pinning just to be sure.

You can check your schedule to see if you have multiple pins but its not easy! Scrolling up and down is it this one or that it takes forever to check.

Ok, three days later I was currently on 181k impressions since the weekend!

What happened in one day –  it had gone up to 158.7k is this a coincidence?


5 tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today

My impressions haven’t increased since then, they are still on 181k per month but I am only on week two and have set up a Tailwindapp schedule for the next two weeks, but because it is so hands I will now have to check my new boards rankings and make sure I am not spamming the boards with too many pins.


So what I am saying is this its not my favourite tool and honestly I don’t think I will ever love it like I did Board booster but if you fancy giving it a whirl here is a link to the free trial for TAILWINDAPP.


5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today

Round up of Tailwindapp strategies:


6 Ways Tailwind Helped Us Build a $100,000/yr Side Hustle

Jeff and Ben from Breakingtheonepercent have an epic youtube video on their pinning schedule using Tailwindapp and a post about how they do it.

In summary, they schedule once a week – yeh I know its a bummer but what can you do.

I am hoping as a work with Tailwindapp I will manage to get quicker- I don’t know about you guys but I would prefer not to have to schedule each and every week but I can see the advantages to tweaking your pins.

Back to Jeff and Ben’s scheduling and enough ranting.

  • Use pin inspector to make a list of your top pins and send them back to drafts ready to fill in your schedule for the week
  • Look at your group boards and check out which ones are performing the best for the last week and set your pins up to schedule to those group boards

The video and post go into a lot more detail on how to pick your best group boards for that week.

5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today


How to Loop Your Pins with Tailwind – NEW FEATURE

Suzi has a nifty trick to schedule out your pins for the week using a semi looping technique.

  • This is for a weeks schedule using 7 pins for one set of topics- eg blogging
  • Find your 7 best group boards
  • Set up 7 board lists with these boards listed but take the top one and put it to the bottom of your list as you go along the board lists – difficult to explain so have a look at her post to see the what I mean.
  • Schedule your 7 pins on interval scheduler with an interval of at least one day.
  • In order to schedule more than 7 pins you will need to have a few topics or more great boards so for instance, another topic might be Crafts so you could post your craft pins to 7 boards using this technique so overall you would have scheduled 14 pins
  • Apparently, this doesn’t spam the boards- I haven’t really tried it so I am not sure or not.

5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today


Monica has a video on how she schedules pins for a longer time period using more board lists a bit like Suzi from Startamomblog.

  • Board list by topic for all the boards you want to use
  • Have three lists of the same boards but have them mixed up in order so that you won’t spam the board with the similar pins
  • I saw another video that suggested going down alphabetically on one board list say a to z then on the second list go from z to a.

5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today


You will need to join her facebook group HERE to be able to see her facebook videos.

Elna generally uses Taiwlindapp for moving her pins to group boards not usually her own boards.

  • Again board lists are important to arrange them via topics
  • If you want to add your own boards to those lists you can also add them
  • As soon as you join new group boards make sure you add them to your board lists so that they appear
  • She does not use interval scheduling just schedules all the ones she needs to in one go
  • Once she has the pins scheduled she goes back to the scheduler and shuffles her queue so that spreads them out

Ok for me this is the quickest system

  • On the fly what about using this system to schedule out your best content every week to your best boards combining this with Breakingtheonepercent system.
  • I am guessing this would work great with multiple topics as well

5 great tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today


Jennifer has a similar system to whats been talked about above BUT she also uses her own tailwind tribe to save her own best of content so that its ready to schedule out as well.

To find out more about her strategies for Pinterest and how she uses Tailwindapp click HERE – this is a link to her Pin signals information and if you buy her in-depth strategy you will also get a link to her video showing you how exactly she pins to Tailwindapp this will only be available for a short period as an add-on and its great to see everything she teaches in action to give you a clear picture so grab it NOW before its gone.

  • This creates two lots of drafts one for old content ie. tribes and one for new ie. draft section on scheduler
  • She will have a look at google analytics and her own analytics tool see which posts are doing well go into those posts and look at her blog images from those posts and then takes those images and makes new pins to add to her drafts in tailwind draft scheduler.
  • Posts that aren’t doing well she also makes new pins for and again adds them to the draft scheduler
  • She recommends pinning to your own relevant topical boards FIRST if you have seen all the new stuff from Pinterest this is exactly what they want you to do
  • She has a ton of pins so Pinterest is always getting new content!

Why I hope this was useful it has been for me to find out what has worked for other people and what might work for my account.

I am in experiment mode at the moment and we shall see whats going to work for me.

Continue to do what is working for you don’t stop doing THAT!

Let me know what kinds of strategies you use for Tailwindapp.

If you want to give the scheduler a try then here is my link for Tailwindapp.

Please share this post if you liked it.

5 tailwindapp pinning strategies to try today

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