3 Sure Fire Ways to Verify your website on Pinterest

3 Sure Fire Ways to Verify your website on Pinterest

It took me two days to work out how to link my website to my Pinterest business account so to avoid this here are 3 Sure Fire Ways to Verify your website on Pinterest


I can show you how to do it in 10 minutes using one of my sure-fire ways to link your website and Pinterest business account.

3 Sure Fire Ways to Verify your website on Pinterest



I was trying to verify my Word press website with the free theme to my Pinterest business account.

Today I am going to show you how to link to your website in 10 minutes.

3 Sure Fire Ways to Verify your website on Pinterest:

  • Using meta name data from Pinterest– you can log into your Pinterest account and click the link to retrieve you meta name data to add to the header of your website.
  • Add the meta name data directly to your content management system – if you are using a word press blog with a free theme you can go into the CSS editor and add the meta name directly to this so that Pinterest analytics picks it up not too hard once you find the correct area to add the meta name data.
  • Upload your HTML file from Pinterest to your web hosts root file – this was the approach that successfully added my website to my Pinterest business account to allow Pinterest analytics to pick up my website but it took me two days to figure this one out!

So are you ready to link your website to your Pinterest business account to see how well you pins are doing?

Let’s get started, shall we?

Option one

Obtain your metadata from Pinterest.

Pinterest has a very straightforward tutorial on how to do this here


Once you have set up your Pinterest account as a business account you can go into your analytics section

Click on analytics overview

This will bring up the page above you will have a grey box where the red arrow is saying confirm website click on this.

Another box will come up with meta tag data with instructions to add it your website or to download the html file if you are having trouble.

Copy and paste the meta tag data data as instructed open up your wordpress dashboard for your website and go into tools see below

This page will have various boxes that you can add meta tag data too scroll down till you get to

Then add your site verification meta tag data to the above box and press save at the bottom of the page.

I found this did not work for my website verification if you are finding an error message coming up on Pinterest with we are working towards verifying your website and it may take up to an hour this might not be working. I had this message repeatedly come up before I decided to try something else.

Option two

Add the meta name data directly to your CMS

I was concerned that I could not do this step but as it was it wasn’t that difficult it just finding the correct place to insert the piece of code.

So again you want to go back to your WordPress dashboard and go to appearances then scroll down to editor and you should be on a page similar to this:

All your theme style.css code will be above with the theme files ( basically the index ) on the right above if you click on any of the blue titles it will take you to that piece of code on the above theme file.

You need to find the theme file header.php your screen should look like this

Next, you want to add your meta name data copy and paste from your confirm website box and instead of adding it as option one add it to just below

Then update file this will allow Pinterest to find your analytics and your profile to any pin from your website.

If neither option one or two works for you then try this option- ultimately this is what I had to do

Option three is a bit more complicated but don’t worry if I can manage it you can too!

Option three

Upload your HTML file from Pinterest to your web hosts root file

First, you need to download your HTML file from Pinterest to do this go back to the confirm your website box and click on download see red arrow below:

Download the file mine was labeled like this – DO NOT RENAME THIS FILE

Now the tricky bit you need to go into your web hosting site and then into cpanel this is what mine looks like on siteground

Go into your cpanel and find the following folder which should be titled file manager this is what it looks like when I go into file manager you need to find the file with the same title as the black arrow – public_html, www, or wwwroot

As you can see mine is titled public_html/www

Once you go into public_html folder you will have a list of files like below

  1. Click on your upload file to upload your Pinterest HTML folder
  2. Do not upload to a subfolder upload it to the main public_html folder and it should show on the list like mine above see the second black arrow.

Once I did this my website confirmed almost straight away.

So what worked for you?

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