11+ Clever ways to make Money FAST (for Christmas) 

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11+ Clever ways to make Money FAST (for Christmas) 


Are you needing to make extra cash in time for Christmas? How to make money will give you the options to help you out with the holidays. If you are looking for ways to make money fast then check out this post.


It can be an expensive time on top of your usual bills so if you can earn a little spare cash then how good would that be!


The average American will spend $885 on gifts and in the UK its more £821 as I said on top of normal bills, expenses etc.


Rather than staring a potential debt mountain in the face why don’t you make some money now to cover the costs? 


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So looking at the average spend around 800 dollars or pounds sterling you will want to try and earn about 100 dollars or pound sterling a week that’s if you are reading this post 8 weeks before Christmas. It doesn’t sound too bad does it?


Try this as a challenge and even if you don’t make the full wack at least you have some more money than you otherwise would have so get cracking on.


Are right I bet your looking forward to ways to make money fast for Christmas here goes:




Best ways to make Extra Money before Christmas


Sell your stuff

Have a look around your house do you have anything that you could sell?

  • Books
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Games
  • Toys 
  • Clothes 
  • Electronics – Amazon has a great trade in option you could try for things like your old kindle even books and games too – best thing is there are no shipping fee’s for sending stuff in or stuff being returned


There are lots of household stuff you could sell to make money.

Great places to do this include




Sell Handmade Creations on Etsy

Have a Cricut hanging around find out what you can make and sell to make extra cash for Christmas.

Here are some top ideas:

Cards for Christmas you don’t have to use a Cricut you can turn your hand to art if you have some skills.

If you need some inspiration for Card making supplies try here. 


Survey sites

I have a love hate thing with survey sites don’t expect to make lots of money but a few dollars here and there can really help to boost your bottom line.

Here are two of the most popular sites:

Survey Junkies



Mystery shopper

You can sign up as a mystery shopper if you like shopping or eating and get paid to try out specific stores or eateries.

Bestmark is a reputable company in the US

As well as Market force and Red wigwam in the UK.




Money Making Apps

Roamler, Field Agent and Streetspotr these are money making apps you can download and start making money with tasks include:

Mystery shopping

Checking shops have certain stock items

Taking pictures of special offers or advertising displays

The only problem with these apps is that the tasks can be limited and depend on where you live.


Test products at home

How about testing products from home?

Pinecone Research know for surveys also partners with companies to do product research.

You are paid for your time plus $3 for the survey.



Website Testing

Basically you can sign up as a Website Tester and all you do is go to the website or app and have a browse around things and answer questions about any issues you have had for the client.

Can you believe you could get paid for that!

For about 20 minutes of your time its up to £7 ($8.50) per review.

You will need to download some software that records your screen and voice for the client too.

Here are some companies you could try:

UserTesting –  earn $10 for 20 minutes or $3 for 5 minutes and get paid into your paypal account after one week.

WhatUsersDo – earn £8 ( $10) for a 20 minute test and get paid at the end month for tasks completed the previous month.


Cash Back on your shopping

If you are having to shop online or Instore then here are a few places that will give you cash back 

Topcashback in the UK ( Amazon cashback in the UK I have already made £20 /$24 just from shopping on Amazon) 

Ibotta – grocery shopping in the US

Ebates now Rakuten  – you can earn cashback and other discounts when you are shopping



Virtual Yard sale on Facebook

How this for an ingenious idea- check out Facebook and see if it has a local Facebook group for your town chances are there will be one set up.

These are great places to have a virtual Yard sale and sell, trade or buy items from your local area.


Sell your smartphone photos

If you take lots of photos on your smartphone and its an up to date model how about sell the pictures you take?

If you are taking them already its a no brainer!

Have a look at Foap or Scoopshot and see what they can do for you.


Seasonal work

During the holiday season there will be more retail work on the go if you want to earn money for the holidays. Try the big stores first.

Macy’s, UPS, etc and a lot of companies need the extra help before the holidays.

Another option for seasonal work is to host product parties.

Remember those Tupperware parties?? 

Or Avon etc they still exist so if you fancy hosting parties with groups of friends to try and buy products this can be a great way to earn commission on sales.

Well you can still do this think:






Pampered chef


If you are wanting to start making money in the long term then Starting your own blog is a great way to do it. If you want to find out more see  Start a blog .





How are you going to make extra cash for Christmas?


Try a few of these tips and see if you can make some money for Christmas. Leave me a comment let me know how you are going to make money this Christmas. If you have any other good money making ideas then let me know!


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