How I earned my first $100 blogging (How to make money blogging)

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How I earned $100 blogging  (How to make money blogging )


Are you curious to know how a blogger earns income? In this post, I will explain how I made my first $100 blogging. Find out how you can make money blogging too.

You will notice that it took a while! Most bloggers do take up to two years to start earning a full-time income so I don’t feel too bad about it

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although i have to warn you it is quite boring, but if you really must read it you can find it Here)

More than anything I think part of the reason is that traffic is low but that’s not to say you can’t earn with only a few visitors but will all that being said you do need traffic. 

Especially if you want to monetize it with a good Ad network like Ad Thrive.

Looking back over my last year of blogging it’s taken me a while to GET this blogging thing!

How to make money blogging earn your first $100 using the best help on the web:


How to make money Blogging online

Here is a rundown on how I have managed it.

If it wasn’t for Daretoconquer formerly Billionaireblogclub I don’t think I would have gotten here this fast as a complete newbie to blogging and with the niche, I am trying to blog in – Blogging, Pinterest and Finance.

I also want to mention I only work in the morning before work and some weekends on this blog as I work too.

Ultimately I want to move to full-time blogging and I am determined to get there!



How to make money blogging and earn your First $100 blogging

My perils of wisdom from this past year are few BUT I think important and I am implementing them as we speak:

Continue doing what is working!

For me this is a biggy and one which I really should have continued but I am doing this just now- I wanted to have a just a blog about Blogging Website but realise from Pinterest they love my DIY craft, Passive income, Pinterest posts so to kick of the traffic I am adding more of similar posts to my top posts!


Wondering which blog posts are top:

Make money on Pinterest

Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without a blog



make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging and Increase Traffic

Traffic when you first start is what you need you don’t want to be hearing crickets! I have so far had two pins go viral on my new website already 3 months in WHY because I was specific about what I wanted from this site at its more DIY crafts stuff and how to start a craft business I suppose I could have changed this blog to reflect this but decided I wanted to niche this blog to money more plus some DIY crafts.

Figure out what Pinterest wants from its creators and you can get traffic.

Start your Email list as soon as possible with a variety of Optin continue to add to these till you find what works – I really haven’t done much of this so I am switching focus to this to add Optin for my readers.

Focus your blog as much as you can – only a few niches will do great on Pinterest

Wondering which one you pick might do well check out this post.

Blog niches that make money

Do not compare yourself to other bloggers!

Take a great course to help you get the BLOGGING thing!

If you are in a hurry  and want to find out more about the one course I recommend above all other ones which is more than a course

Check it out ☑️ Find out why you should choose this particular course

Where did I learn all this stuff?

If you connect with what he is saying then you will love his courses and its still great value less than $600 for full access including updates I still reckon its better value than Elite Blog Academy – check out his free stuff and see!

Don’t wait till he puts up the price find out now what he has to say if you don’t want to pay just now he has some great FREE stuff he has to offer which is still great:

Free Email Business Bootcamps


If your ready to start your blog then I have two great posts that will help you out when it comes down to choosing a hosting provider – I use Siteground and have no issues with them since I started my blog over a year ago now ( It really has been a year phew! )

How to start a blog  

This page shows you all the posts I have on how to start a blog so if you want to start here it’s pack full of stuff for you on how to start a blog if you want to go start to the How to start a blog page then click this link.

How to start a blog on WordPress

So you’ve started your blog now what? I will show you in the next section how to make money blogging! Well, how I have managed it!

make money blogging

Start a blog and Make money blogging

I also exclusively break down my earnings for my subscribers which I won’t do on my blog. I want to show you what works to earn money when you are starting off and I will only be taking in rough amounts ie. over $100 but not exactly what I earned unless you are on my list.


How did I get to this point:

Monthly Pageviews – 3762 April 2019

Subscribers- 274 April 2019


How have I monetized my website so far it’s only been with Affiliate Marketing so if you want to know how to make your first affiliate sale then read on.


Wait what is Affiliate marketing and how has it helped me make money blogging?

Basically, it’s a way to earn commission on products you promote for other people.  So for my other blog, my income from being an Amazon affiliate is steadily increasing. Every time someone buys a product then I will earn a commission if they use my link which is specific to me.

Want to know more? I have some great posts on Affiliate marketing

How to make money on Pinterest without a blog

Tips for Passive Income with Affiliate marketing

Beginners guide to Affiliate marketing.



My income has all come from Affiliate marketing!

I don’t want to add Ad’s to my websites till I have enough traffic to apply to Mediavine so I have to wait till I get to 25,000 monthly views this has better quality Ads than Google Adsense.


How have I Made money blogging this Month 

Affiliate Marketing Income from the following courses and networks:

Dare to conquer

Ultimate bundles

Amazon Affiliates

Dish out Social -Manual Pinning simplified

All monies have now hit my account so I can definitely tell you I have made over $100 yeh!!

This has all been via Affiliate Marketing so it does work in terms of passive income but it’s not a way to earn money fast.


If your looking for faster Passive income strategies check out this post

Make money with Passive income in your sleep

I am actively trying to increase my Pinterest traffic and at this point having gone back through Dare to conquer Pinterest course the issue is two fold –

  1. Blogging is not a huge topic on Pinterest therefore naturally the traffic is going to be less so I need to focus on other content to drive traffic plus Google traffic via SEO.
  2. Trying to be critical with my content I think that some of it needs improvement as some of the posts are older now and could do with updates and better content- let’s face it when I first started I had NO clue!.


If you are thinking I have things sorted then don’t far from it,  I am still on the learning curve just a wee bit further down the road than you!

I hope that you find this Blogging Income report relevant.

Really there are a lot more bloggers taking way longer to make their first $1 let alone first $100 than those reports you see of bloggers earning their first income in the first month of blogging!


It all depends on what experience you have had before – if it truly is your first blog then it can take you a lot longer than one month or even 6 months to make any month.


The main thing is you are committed.


If you are looking for two great courses to get you started on Affiliate marketing my two favourite courses above all else are:

Affiliate marketing for Bloggers

Affiliate marketing from Daretoconquer which is a stand-alone course


They really both have helped me with sorting out my Affiliate marketing strategies and getting things rolling to generate income.


If you want to start making money from blogging then I recommend you start a blog with Siteground you can get started for less than $4 a month.

Find out more about pricing and plans here.


Come join me on this fabulous journey to living an Anywhere Lifestyle today! This is how I have made money blogging. What about you how are you making money blogging let me know?


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If your curious (or in a hurry ) If you would rather not have to deal with all this Pinterest stuff I now have an option to work with me to set up or maintain your Pinterest account here.

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