Why Taking Surveys for money Sucks!

By Lia

Why Taking Surveys for money Sucks!

Do you know why Taking Surveys for Money sucks?

If you need to earn a quick buck then Surveys are NOT for you! It takes time and patient to earn any kind of money with these things and there is no guarantee you will manage it!

PLUS the income vs time spent it not great!

Speaking from my experience its probably best you don’t bother with surveys!

why surveys suck

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Why NOT Surveys?

Ok so I can only go with my experience BUT I suggest you don’t bother!

How much have I made on surveys?

Exactly £5 ( $7) in two months of going through the painful survey filling out process with Swagbucks.

Still, think you should try it?

Yes go ahead and try but I would spend your time doing something more productive if you need ideas check out my blog post for 9 side hustle ideas

9 side hustle ideas

Why I don’t recommend Swagbucks

I have filled in countless surveys with Swagbucks and each day they only allow you to fill in so many that give you high points so it takes forever to get to the minimum before you can get to earn anything.

Great if you want to earn extra for Christmas but that’s it!

It’s totally dishearting – I never tried it but I suspect if you use swagbucks site to search the internet or upload their button you will earn more reward points than filling in surveys.

And watching videos too!

Not to mention by the time you have given your details out to all the survey companies you end up with tonnes of spammy calls and emails!!

NOTE – get a new Gmail JUST for surveys otherwise your own inbox will be inundated!

That was one useful tip I picked up.

I suspect folks who recommend using Swagbucks to earn money make more money using the Affiliate links than actually using the site.

But that’s just me surmising.

Although to be fair folks online do say it’s not going to make you rich but will just make you a bit extra cash.

I guess it depends on your goals – wee bit of money for a special occasion or consistent income.

Other sites I have tried and given up with most of them are UK based apart from the Globaltestmarket and Swagbucks include :

Some other ones I haven’t tried but you may have better luck with is SURVEYJUNKIE

If you are keen to try then the list above is linked to their websites –  I don’t recommend them as a way to earn a regular decent income!

There are plenty of people who do earn money with these sites for special events like Christmas etc.

Overall I do feel that you are wasting time on these sites.

Of course, this is my own experience and opinion and there are plenty of people who have had different experiences.

My advice is to read lots of blogs with information about taking surveys and make your own mind up!

To Rap it Up

Swagbucks and other survey sites are not get rich quick sites so don’t expect to make a fortune by doing a few surveys!

Look at other ways to make money if you need a side hustle.

Looking for ideas then check out my 9 side hustle idea post.

9 side hustle ideas

If you have had better luck than me let me know:

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Why taking surveys for money sucks


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