9 Best Side Hustle Ideas which can earn You extra Income in 2018

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9 Best Side Hustle Ideas which can earn You extra Income in 2018


Do you want to earn extra income this year? If so here are some ideas for side hustles some of which I have done which can earn you money.



So what is side hustling?

It’s really just another name for a classic alternative income other names for it included gigging, moonlighting, second job, side job, sideline and the list goes on.

Basically it is a way to earn extra income without quitting your day job.

Most people do it to increase their income because their day job salary is static and unlikely to increase at least in the short term.

It can be away to help with debts but I would advise looking at your income and working out why you are in debt in the first place and addressing that first.

There are lots of side hustles you can do today from online to offline options. Service based industries to providing tutoring or product based industries producing items to sell for example on etsy.

Not everyone who starts a side hustle wants to leave their day job.

I love my day job ok so it’s taken me 10 years to find my dream job and the salary is not as good as what I was doing before so I decided that side hustling was for me after listening to the side hustle nation podcast.

Side hustles could just be a way to earn extra money for birthdays, Christmas gifts big expenses coming up it may not necessarily be for alternative income to your day job but just a helping hand.

What sort of side hustle should you start

Firstly you need to decide how much time you can commit to your side hustle.

This will determine realistically how much time you can commit to it.

For instance online surveys can be done quickly and some people can earn an income from them – see  https://emmadrew.info/

Emma makes a living doing some interesting side hustles I particularly like mystery shopping who wouldn’t! You getting to go shopping for money.

Not entirely sure that she was making that much money from surveys probably more liikely for mystery shopping – I gave surveys a go ok not loads and not all the time its pretty boring and repetitive and I only managed to earn £5 amazon voucher.

Maybe you have to do more than I did!

I suggested skipping the surveys but maybe sticking with mystery shopping and giving some of the following side hustles a shot. I certainly made money with some of them.

Below are 9 examples of possible side hustles you could start today.

  1. Start a blog side hustle – this is hard no bones about it if you think this is easy remember it can take up to a year to earn any income from this it depends on your dedication. Most side hustlers if they are starting a blog will if they are committed to it make money within the first year. You should expect to commit to 10 to 20 hours per week on this side hustle.
  2. Selling on Amazon fba – I have sold on amazon before mostly books but not using fba ( fulfilled by amazon) people who do this side hustle can make a lot of money but it depends on your product selection. I recommend Steve Voelker podcast at the amazing seller http://theamazingseller.com/ he has some amazing stories about people starting out and great hints and tips for product selection.
  3. Selling on ebay- I start out years ago doing this one 2002 I think – I mostly just sold clothes and other things I had around the house that I didn’t need. If you want to do this- check out ebay before selling your clothes to get an idea of what has sold already these days its mostly branded top quality stuff that you will make money on. Also ensure you have lots of pictures you can embed the pics in the description so you don’t have to pay for extra pictures beyond what ebay let you have for free.
  4. Gumtree is big in the UK bit like craigslist in the USA you can sell lots of different things without charges unless you go for their special offer get your products featured stuff- I haven’t had to do this as everything I have sold has been successfully sold using the free options.
  5. Facebook is another route to selling stuff locally using facebook groups check out your local buy sell groups.
  6. Offer a services – for example tutoring maths English to kids, or teaching English to kids.
  7. Dog sitting
  8. VA – more an more people are starting online businesses and requiring extra help with tasks they don’t have time to do.
  9. Airb&b do you have a spare room consider either using it for Air b&B or rent a room long term.

Why is a side hustle worth doing today

Today there are tonnes of opportunities to grow your side hustle and make money. The internet makes it so much easier to earn money on the side.

Most people are in jobs that where pay rises are few and far between and they are not going to significantly impact on your earnings.

Side hustles allow you to earn extra money to add to your regular income and depending on how much time you spend on them can start to generate income. Some people manage to turn their side income into full time jobs.

Not everyone wants to do that though and prefer to keep their side hustle as just that a side hustle to bring in extra income.

Don’t forget taxes any income you earn over and above your job needs to be declared!

How much money could you earn?

Here are some examples:


This can be a huge income stream if you monetise your blog using various options.

  • king of affiliate marketing is Pat Flynn over at www.smartpassiveincome.com. I have been following his blog and podcast for over four years now. You can see straight away on his site how much he earns.Do bear in mind its taken him since 2008 to build up this business.
  • Another blog I admire is Michele Shroeder-Gardner at www.makingsenseofcents.com again she uses affiliate marketing to earn money she makes over $100,000 per month.
  • If you are just starting out like me I like to follow people just a little bit further down that road to show me what could be achieved with persistence https://www.breakingtheonepercent.com/blog-income-report-january-2017/. This income report was in a year I find it refreshing in its realistic approach blogging is not a one horse pony you have to continue at it to get results they managed over 7000 dollars for one month by that stage.
Selling on Ebay

This all depends on what you sell – if its stuff around the house you can make a few hundred dollars on it but it has to be things people will want. That chain store item may not sell unless it’s the latest toy on the bestseller list.

Make sure what you have for sale is going to sell my looking up whats on offer just now.

Make sure you take lots of pictures and these can be added to the description using html coding and its not to difficult if I can do it anyone can.

Selling on Amazon FBA

Looking at Scott Volker for examples of earnings it can be huge but it all depends on picking the right product and doing your research.

He has a great podcast at called Amazon Seller and can be found here

Offering a service

Depending on the type of services you over you can up to $18 earn per hour teaching English through Vipkid- this website has great link to teaching English with a few different website to teach English.

Dog walking/ sitting

This very much depends where you live some places in the UK dog walkers can charge £11.50 per hour and claims of up to £60 in the USA $13 to $20 per hour again dependant on where you live its best to check rates with your local dog walkers and see if there are any opportunities to become a dog walker.

VA or Virtual Assistant

You basically help out website owners with tasks related to their website that they want to pay someone else to do $18-$35 per hours depending on experience.

Air B&B

This depends on when your house is for rent if its in a popular area for holiday makers to visit you can charge more than places in less popular areas. If you look at Airb&b you could see other properties in your area to help you judge what you could charge.


So I have given you 9 examples of side hustles you could start today and earn money from.

I have earned money from Amazon and Ebay selling my own stuff and stuff that for friends and family.

Go for it try one of the options above if you want to start a side hustle and good luck.



What do you want to do today let me know?


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