7 Great Tips on Structuring killer blog posts

By Lia

7 Great Tips on Structuring killer blog posts

Are you confused about how to craft a blog post?

How should it be constructed?

Are you needing some structure when it’s all so new to you?

If you are at the beginning like me then come hold my hand and I will walk you through what I have read, watched and implemented so far on my blogging journey to craft the best possible blog post even if you are feeling totally overwhelmed.



(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it, you can find it here)

Here it goes a template to help you structure your Blog Post.

So Why did I decide to write this particular Blog post?

I am staring at the screen wondering what to write about!

So has this happened to you on your blogging journey?

I have to be really strict with myself otherwise I will deflect onto other things – you know what I mean like the washing, meal planning, dare I say cleaning! Yikees- dog walking for those of you who have dogs –

In fact anything else but sitting down to write a post – so this is post number five how am I doing its difficult to tell as my google analytics show three page views and they could be me, in fact, looking at my website!


But could this be just me checking out my site??

Why start here?

Basically, I was researching how to write a good blog post and was watching  Smart passive income on how to create a blog post.

And you know what the deflection thing happened again I started googling random things instead of knuckling down to write.

It came to me – write a blog post on how to create a blog post as a total beginner using tips picked up by those top bloggers we all follow.

Shout out to some of my favorites here:

  • My absolute favourite blogger Is Paul Scrivens aka Scrivs and he is soon to have his updated course out called Billionaire blog club now rebranded as Daretoconquer version 4 out if you don’t know who he is then for sure try his freebie 12 days of blogging his style is unique not everyone will like him but I love his take on things and his BBC course is fantastic my only criticisms is its length there is so much to take in that have only completed 3 out of 4 challenges plus 2 of his courses!
  • Carly of Mommy on Purpose she also has a fabulous course which I have only just taken on Affiliate Marketing and also her ebook on manual pinning strategies they are great I really recommend them and plan to do some in-depth posts on both of these and why you should consider them.
  • Pat Flynn Smart Passive income- smartpassiveincome I can say how much I gained from his BYOB teachable lessons and best of all they were free!
  • Meera Kothand –  one of the courses I took was her Start a Blog Workbook very good resource to get you started.
  • Mckenzie of Momsmakecents – I loved her Pinterest course on Affiliate marketing
  • Busybudgeter -she has had a meteoric rise as a blogger interested in finding out more then go to her website here

So reading lots of information produced by the folks above and also Mr Google and after writing four posts excluding this one I have managed to craft out a wee blog template for writing a post.

So how can I help you today by giving you some tips that I have read about and trying to implement when writing posts

So what do you need?

  • A great catchy title with good SEO potential
  • An Introduction including what the goal of the post is – the transformation
  • Social Media Image/ Pin
  • The story behind the post- make sure it’s from the readers perspective not yours!
  • The meat and potatoes for the post
  • Conclusion
  • Question or call to action
  • Vertical Image or Pin

1.A Great title

According to those bloggers in the know having a great blog, title can be the difference between great page views and no page views.


I hear you ask?

From what I have read it comes down to people finding your content and if your title doesn’t grab them enough to click that link from either Google or social media you will be staring at ZERO page views on your analytics!

There are thousands of posts out there on how to craft the best title – here is one of my favourites from Brandon Gaille of the Blog Millionaire podcast check it out here

Did you know that odd numbers in the title are better than even – yeh I didn’t either!

And that using numbers in your title will move you up the rankings – yippee another one I didn’t know!

Feeling overwhelmed??? Yep me too – all this already and we are only on how to craft a good title!

But seriously get this wrong and you’re going nowhere get it right and you will be moving up!

Another thing I didn’t know is to have a short title and capitalize the words in the title- looks like I am going to go back and recheck my titles luckily I only have four to alter at the moment – in short AIM FOR SIX WORDS!


Your introduction should just be a few sentences that outline why you think your blog post will be useful to the reader and how it’s going to make then feel by the end of the post.

It’s basically the goal you want to achieve for your readers.

Using this post as an example

My introduction talks about how you are feeling at the beginning of your blogging journey what it’s like to stare at a blank page with no real idea of what your blog post should look like.

I then go on to talk about where you are starting and where this blog post can take you – to an excellent crafted blog post with a template that you can use again and again.

This is what I am using just now to craft this blog post!

2.Social Media – Pin or Image

At this point, I like to add in my pin or image if you aren’t using a crafted pin.

Also, have a look at my Pinterest account see how mine is set up and don’t forget to follow me too!!

Check out my Pinterest Account

I love Pinterest and so far it’s been fantastic at generating interest hopefully as I add more posts and pins it will help to generate traffic to my website – watch this space!

Thought I would add in my three month Page views although I am trying not to get totally stuck on page views -heh it’s a metric that’s easy to work out!

3.Story behind the post

Include if you can a story behind why you are writing this blog post it gives readers a glimpse into you as a person behind the blog.

I also like to include a content description of what I am going to talk about – like a contents page of a book that way I know where I am going with my blog post and make sure I get everything in there.


4.Meat and Potatoes

This is where you flesh out the information you mention in the section on the story behind the post so using your content list use each as headers for your blog post content and start writing away.



This is where you round it all up – like I am doing here.

So you have an outline for your blog post you know what you need to do to craft the blog post.

Once you have this template its a simple matter using it time and again to organize your blog post.

Feel free to change the color and fonts to the styling you want for your blog.

This template will also help to keep each post consistent in appearance so readers will become familiar with your layout.

6.Call to action- Ask a Question

The final part of your blog posts should always include a call to action this can be varied and include the following

  • Advertise your free opt-in
  • Advertise your product/ service
  • Include related posts
  • Ask a question

7.Vertical Pin

Add in another image preferably your Pinnable one.

7 Great Tips on Structuring a Killer Blog Post

There you have it a simple blog post outline that you can use time and again to craft your posts.

So have you used it yet?

What did you think?




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