Dare to Conquer: should you invest in your blogging future with the course?

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Dare to Conquer: should you invest in your blogging future with this course?


Are you stuck in your blogging doldrums? Are you thinking you should buy a course and not sure what course to choose? I am going to tell you why Dare to Conquer is the course you should invest in as a Beginner. It’s the course that helped me earn my first $100.

This course is run by Paul Scrivens and it was formally called Billionaire Blog Club. Paul updated and transferred the courses over to Dare to Conquer.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)


Firstly you really need to get a taste of how he writes and what he says – so the first thing you should do is sign up for his

If your curious or in a hurry to find out what’s in the Dare to conquer DTC for short then you can check it out here:

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It’s an excellent choice for a beginner Blogger BEST of all it’s under $100 for everything you need to start your blog. If you find it under $100 then its a bargain so grab for full access to all the courses.

You will still get access to Billionaire Blog Club were there as still other courses you can take which I walkthrough below.

If you like Pauls Scrivens way of writing and what he says then you will really enjoy his course it’s so much more than a course though.



So Pauls main message is this:

“Write content that people want to read + promote that content to the people that want to read it.”

This is an excerpt from Pauls page on why you should take the Dare to Conquer blogging course.


Dare to Conquer Review

Starting from Scratch will teach you about building a brand, building your tribe, niche selection, how to launch your blog and using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, SEO and Affiliate Marketing. Also included are challenges- how to gain your first how to make your first 1000 dollars with Ads.



He also has a tonne of FREE resources including Video’s, building a Framework and Free courses.




Now I won’t lie there are lots of stuff to read and watch and absorb all the information and you can feel like there is information overload at times. But the great thing is you can go back to it again and again and always find something new to take away from it.

But stick with it what it does allow you to do is take it at your own pace.

Find out what you need to learn and when as you go through the challenges is very helpful.

Once you are further down the road he also has a challenge for creating your first paid product as well.

How has Dare to conquer helped me:

  • Earned my first $100 and climbing
  • Build a business and brand NOT just a blog
  • Asked slack community for feedback of my website and how I can increase my pageviews – obtained critical feedback one of which was to add better-featured images
  • Direct communication with Paul for advice through slack
  • Reality of blogging
  • Continual reference sources for information on all aspects of blogging due to the breadth of the course-
  • Continued examples from Paul of his blogs and how he is progressing with them to give you plenty of real-world analysis so you can truly see how to do it in any niche
  • One time membership fee with FREE upgrades
  • A comprehensive course for everything you need to start a business and make money

What it won’t do for you;

  • Make you into an instant blog billionaire
  • Give you unrealistic expectations of blogging
  • Means you don’t have to do any work to become successful
  • Become unique – the reality is that to have a successful blog you need to write posts people want to read
  • Make you motivated – you have to do this yourself!

Still not sure?

Check out these bloggers who are DTC members and what they have achieved!


You can also get his courses individually:

dare to conquer course list


If your curious or in a hurry you can check it out here:

Grab this Fabulous course now
☑️ See why lots of bloggers choose DTC over any other course!.



I hope this helped clarify things for you if you want to find out how I made over $100 this month then you will need to sign up here plus you also get tonnes more information on FREE courses you can sign up from all sorts of different blogging topics:


11 Best Blogging Courses



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