Awesome tips for making Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

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Awesome tips for making Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to making Passive income with affiliate marketing using your blog. If you like some Awesome tips for making Passive Income with Affiliate marketing then you have come to the right place!

If you haven’t a clue what I am talking about then read on to discover how you can make income from your blog.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although i have to warn you it is quite boring, but if you really must read it you can find it Here)

What is Passive Income

Passive Income is a way to make money while you sleep? What on earth am I talking about well?

Passive income is recurring income you can earn by doing the work up front.
There are various options for making recurring income and if you want to check them out this post here will help.



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How do I generate Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing?

Passive income can be recurring income and sometimes it’s one-off income.
The most common way to earn money with Affiliate Marketing is to do so via your own blog.



If you haven’t already started your blog then to get started check out my Email series on Starting a blog here.

It’s a full guide to help you get started with your blog today.




Wanting to know now How to start your blog then check out this page:

How to start a blog

Once you have your blog set up you need to write posts that include Affiliate links still with me?






How can a Beginner make Passive Income?

So a warning for you it’s NOT a quick way to earn money once its set up you can earn money with your links as long as people are clicking on them and they are converting to sales.

Most important is you must disclose you are using affiliate links I usually place this disclosure a couple of sentences down from the post title making sure that I do not add any links above this disclosure see this post.

One of the easiest ways to start off with is to join large Affiliate marketing networks like:


They are easier to join for beginners and allow you access to lots of different companies- for instance Awin is great for Etsy.
Basically, you are promoting other people’s products rather than your own products and are great to get started.

For each product, you promote you will be given your own unique affiliate link to allow you to insert this into your post.

You can use Plugin’s to make your links look pretty and one of them is Pretty links the Free version it doesn’t cloak your link as such it shortens your link by changing the link address when you add the link to the URL address bar you can see that the affiliate link will appear before the page loads.


Best Resources for Passive Income

1. Best Books for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to find out what the Best Books for Affiliate Marketing are, then check the best 5-star reviews on Amazon right here.

If you are curious or in a hurry then

Buying tip: Watch the page above for deals if The 1-Page Marketing Plan for less than $12 it’s a GREAT DEAL.

2.Best Courses for Affiliate Marketing

Here are two of the best Affiliate Marketing courses around they have helped me earn my first $100 and will help you too!

Daretoconquer Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing for Bloggers

Wanting to read about these courses check out this post here:

11 blogging courses for Beginners

If you want to grab Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers as part of a great Blogging bundle Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2018 Flash Sale sign up for my Guide to Free Courses below and you will get email updates and more indepth information on this course nearer the time.



What are some Examples of Passive Income using Affiliate Marketing?

If you look at this post for Soap making you will see some of my affiliate links check out the arrows they have already had conversions even with very little traffic!




What is the difference between Passive and Non- Passive Income?

Non-passive income is income you have to constantly work at. You can as I like to say make money whilst you sleep because you have to continue working at it. It’s a bit like a day job!


How to create multiple streams of Passive Income

If you write lots of different posts like:

  • How to’s
  • Gift Guides
  • Reviews
  • Resources page

You can add lots of different affiliate links to each from different companies so you aren’t just stuck with the same links.

Amazon affiliate marketing

I thought I would mention this separately it’s a great company to add to your Affiliate marketing links.
Three things about Amazon though:
1. Do not shorten your links use Amazon links from Sitestripe direct onto your page
2. You must add a separate disclosure to your Website that’s always visible I choose to do this in the footer area

When you sign up you must make 3 qualifying sales or your account will be shut down after 180 days- the good news is you can open a new account straight away but the bad news is you will need to change all your old links!

How do I know because I had to do this myself! Luckily only the once as I eventually got 3 qualifying sales on my second attempt phew!


Is Affiliate Marketing profitable

Yes absolutely here are two top bloggers earning thousands each month from affiliate marketing you can check out their income reports here:

This shows you how much money can you make as an affiliate marketer.


Pros and cons to Affiliate Marketing

As you can see from the incomes above once you master affiliate marketing the sky really is the limit!
The downside to Affiliate marketing is that it can take a while to start making conversions and you also need traffic to your website to enable those conversions in the first place.


How to choose Affiliate products to promote

The best advice for choosing products is to choose products you are familiar with or you have used before.

Some bloggers suggest only choosing a few products to promote and others suggest using a wide variety of products.
I feel that a wide variety of products will help with conversions rather than just a few.

When it comes to affiliate links in emails its probably more prudent to suggest a few products to your email list rather than a whole heap at once.


How to maximise your Affiliate earnings

If you can find FREEBIES that link to your chosen affiliate this is even better for conversions. Once people click on this link they will enter a sales funnel and the owner of the product will basically take over converting the sale for you.

Be honest with your reviews this helps to build trust with your audience.
Use your own words and highlight the benefits NOT features – its difficult to do.

There you go a round-up of Passive Income using Affiliate marketing.

Finally, note it does take time to get your links converting so don’t give up it takes time!
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