How to Create an Awesome About Me page includes a FREE Worksheet

By Lia

How to Create an Awesome About Me page includes a FREE Worksheet


What is an About me page? Its really about what we can do for You page in reality, so read on if you want to create an Awesome about me page.

I want to just mention this page can change over time once you define your brand and you’re why! Its a step by step process not just listing your bio for people to read.

You’re About me ( not very well named ) is really an About them page you want it all to be about your Audience not really you.

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You should start by figuring out your Why! Why are you on the blogosphere what are your aims for this blog to help people?


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Don’t forget – You’re About me page should really be called it’s about YOU page this is where you can showcase what you can do for your readers!


Let’s start with good old list folks! Ok, this is what you should be including in your About me page:


1. Short sharp Bio

Yes, you want to include a little bit about yourself – one of the most important things you can include is your NAME! There have been lots of times when I have been going to look at Blogs About me pages to find out the creators name only to find out they haven’t put one in there for things like Emailing them.

2. Connect with your Audience

Try and connect with your Audience tell them you know how they are ok maybe to begin with you haven’t quite got that covered yet you don’t really have a handle on who they are. Even if its a loose basis of who this site is for – here is an example for this blog my ideal Audience would be people men or women working part time or full time, they don’t have kids but I don’t have a specific age range for them at the moment. This is loose not too specific but specific enough for when you are just starting out.

3. Show your Audience what you can do for them

Tell your Audience how you can help them. What exactly are you going to do to help them with getting from point A to point B? How are you going to solve that problem that’s been causing them nightmares! It might be easily defined like helping them to get out of student debt, mortgage debt or credit card debt something like that.

4. Include a Call to Action

This is THE most important thing you can add to your About me page. Give them a call to Action this can include things like

  • Directing them to a landing page for example how to start a blog.
  • Opt-in to help grow your list
  • A product you have for sale
  • Or share your most popular posts

5. Business About me page

If you are running a craft business then you definitely want to include information about what people can buy from your shop. Add any awards you have to own any courses you are accredited in things like that.

These can show credibility for your audience.


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Need some examples?

Here is a look at some of the great About me pages on the internet:

Of course mine first


Still struggling then don’t forget to get my Workbook to help you out subscribe using the Optin form above.

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