7 mistakes YOU could be making on Pinterest (Tutorial)

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7 mistakes YOU could be making on Pinterest (Tutorial)

If you’re not getting traffic from Pinterest you could be making these 7 mistakes. Pinterest can be one of the greatest traffic sources for your website when you are just starting out. Read on to find out which 7 mistakes you could be making on Pinterest.

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Here are some of the things you should make sure you are NOT doing to avoid mistakes you could be making on Pinterest:

  1. Not having a Business Account
  2. Not using Rich pins
  3. Not Making sure your pins can be easily shared
  4. Not Making great looking pins
  5. Not Optimizing your Pinterest Profile
  6. Not Engaging with Pinterest
  7. Not Using an approved  Scheduler


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Not having a Business Account is definitely  mistakes you could be making on Pinterest

This can really hamper you going forward on Pinterest!


Because you won’t be able to see your Pinterest Analytics without converting your account to a business one.

If you are converting an old account or creating a new account whatever you do make sure you CONFIRM your website.

If you need help this post will guide you through the process.

How to set up your Pinterest account


Not using Rich pins

Once your account is set up as a business account then you can set up rich pins. It’s especially important if you want to have more information actually come up on the Pin from your website.

For example, if you have a recipe type post ( could be a recipe or could be craft project list of resources required) then the Rich pin will have the list right there on the PIN.

You can add a make it button on the pin so that people will also jump straight to your website when they see the “ recipe”.


Not Making sure your pins can be easily shared

You should have pin-worthy images on your website ready for sharing to Pinterest.

Ideally, they should be 600 x 900 or 735 x 1100.

You also need the Pin it button or some other kind of sharing plugin. I have been using Social warfare which is great because it will let you pin images that are hidden in your blog post when they go to the Pinterest button for sharing.

You should also have your own Pinterest follow button so visitors to your website can follow your profile.


Not Making great looking pins

This is an easy one – make sure your images are great looking!

Needing help then this post will help you make click-worthy pins in no time.

Making click-worthy pins 


Not Optimising your Pinterest Profile

Its important that your Profile is fully optimized for Pinterest so make sure you have used the best Pinterest keywords in your Bio and in each of your own boards are also well described and have relevant keywords in them.

Make sure your own boards are all the information filled out so the name of the board is great, the description and its also important to put it into the most relevant category you can.



Not Engaging with Pinterest could be one of the mistakes you could be making on Pinterest

You should try and engage with Pinterest especially if you are using a scheduler. It lets you get a feel for Pinterest. Make sure you also “reply” the emails you send you with suggestions they are helping you become more active on their platform. It will be good for your account if you stay engaged it doesn’t have to take long I spend about 20 minutes Pinning from the information they send me on emails.

If you want to find out more about my manual strategy the BEST guide I have found related to Pinterest and manual pinning is from Carly Mommyonpurpose Pinteresting Strategies Ecourse.

Find out more its great value at under $50.


Not Using a Pinterest Approved Scheduler

If you don’t have time to manually pin then the next best thing is using a scheduler like TAILWIND APP

If you buy a years membership it can work out a lot cheaper than a month to month and it can save you heaps of time.

Pinterest will not penalise you for using Tailwind app because it is one of their approved partners.

Tailwind app creates new pins each time it pins so your pins are always FRESH.

If you want to learn more about Tailwind app have a look at this related post:

Tailwind app review

If you are new to Pinterest you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row so to speak before you even start considering why your pinning isn’t resulting in traffic to your blog.

Ultimately you want your pins to drive people back to your website you don’t want them lurking on Pinterest.

So now you know what the 7 mistakes you could be making on Pinterest are – try and avoid them at all costs!!

If your curious (or in a hurry ) If you would rather not have to deal with all this Pinterest stuff I now have an option to work with me to set up or maintain your Pinterest account here.


How to Avoid mistakes you could be making on Pinterest make sure you implement them today.

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