9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

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9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

So you are planning to start a blog then if you are stuck at the planning stage read on to discover blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic.

What should you write about?

Should it be something you’re passionate about? Should it be something you have knowledge about or what else?

So this blog post will give you some ideas to help you get started and figure out what you should be writing about.

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

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Firstly don’t worry too much about it, to begin with, the main thing you need to concentrate on is actually taking that first step and start!

I decided that I wanted to blog about blogging – yes tonnes of folks do that but I wanted to do it because I am really interested in the mechanics of it all and how it works. I have been reading all sorts of blogs since 2000 really and even tried to plunge in with my own website then using google sites as a hosting platform – don’t even bother trying it its way behind WordPress!

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

Is there money making niches?

What does that actually mean?

Niches really mean going deep into a subject for instance how to find the perfect Siamese cat and how to keep it.

This is not a wide subject and will only be of interest to Siamese owners or people wanting to become owners.

Could you monetize it yes sure you could but not by much – you could add ads, links to products for cats on Amazon and make a few products for Siamese cat owners but its not going to be extensive in terms of information for this subject and at some point you will run out of things to say.

Broadening your niche will be much more helpful so a blog about Cats would do much better- how many of you have seen all those cat videos on Youtube!

You could do a similar thing with your cat.

There would be so much more to write about if it was broader – for instance



Types of cat beds

Types of cat scratching posts

Best food for cats

How to care for a kitten

How to care for an elderly cat

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

That’s some topics off the top of my head! So you see a bit broader is good!

Yes, people recommend Niching down it does help as your audience will know what you are writing about but at the same time, you don’t want to run out of ideas.

You don’t want a huge audience, for example, you wouldn’t want to attract dog owners or people planning to get dogs unless of course, your site was about the best pets to have including everything from dogs, cats to goldfish.

So if you start off writing about just Siamese cats consider how many people you can attract to your site there will be a finite amount and of that number how many will buy your products again this will reduce in number.

Ultimately you are reducing your pool of potential buyers.

What should you do?

Instead You should pick a popular topic that lots of people want answers for and something you know a bit about or are interested enough in it to learn more?

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

Here is my list of top topics that people want to find out about and has large audiences that you can monetize for:

  • Finances Wealth/Money
  • Health
  • Beauty- fitness/ Diet
  • Fashion- ladies and men and kids
  • Love- how to find it and keep it, marriage
  • DIY and Crafts
  • Food
  • Home Decor
  • Parenting

If you are not sure just google each of these topics and see the number of search results/ websites there are a ton – why because that’s what people want information on.

Think about which blogs you follow what are they about?

I bet they would focus on one of these topics?

You can split these down further to become a bit more selective for example:

Home Decor

  1. Country
  2. Minimalist
  3. Modern
  4. Boho
  5. Beach house

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

And so on so you could write primarily about Home decor this would give you a wide audience and lots of scopes to talk about different styles or you could pick a topic and write about it say country home decor you wouldn’t have as much to say as if you pick the broad home decor topic but you could still write a bit about it.

Personally, I would look at the broader home decor topic rather than niching down further you can start off writing about country decor and then when you are stuck about what to write in that niche you will still have scope to write about other styles.

Don’t restrict yourself when you first start out you want it to be as wide as possible but not too wide so your audience doesn’t know what your website is about.

Once you start writing you will find you favour certain topics just because you are more interested in writing about them or you want to learn more about them.

So going back to home decor say you started writing about Country style home decor and then decided after a few posts you actually are more interested in Beach house chic and you are planning on decorating your house more in that style you will find it hard to change topics on a website you have niched down called countryhousestyle.com whereas on a website called homedecor.com you have lots of ways to go if you decide part way through your original topic wasn’t really your bag!

Give yourself plenty of scope to move around when you first start out it will also give you a wide platform for monetization and to grow your email list

Don’t be too restrictive with your topic ideas allow yourself time to grow.

9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

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It’s really important you think a bit about what you want to write about especially if your goal is to monetize your site the broader you can be the better for monetization and to help you find what you want to write about.

This is especially important when choosing a blog name try and be a bit broader if you decide to call it Siamesecats.com you are already restricting yourself.

Don’t get me wrong there are some super niche sites that do really well but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Make it easy for yourself to stay a bit broader.

Obviously not


Look at the number of lifestyle blogs as well as covering a few different topics from my list above.


Food for thought guys!

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9 blog niches that can make money and help you gain traffic

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