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21 Free tips Proven to help Increase blog traffic

Do you want to know how to increase more traffic to your blog then have a look at what experienced bloggers recommend I have 21 Free tips proven to help increase blog traffic?

If you have started your blog a while ago and wondering where all the traffic is?

Don’t fear!

I started four months ago and have only just discovered I haven’t actually been pinning as often as you should be to generate the kind of traffic other people in my niche are getting.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Have a look at how much my traffic has increased over this month just by pinning more:

implemented Pinning strategies from carlys ebook

So what sort of traffic should you be expecting and what sort of methods should you be using?

This Resource is the best one for Beginners to focus on.

If you want to improve your traffic today, focus on the right things and not feel totally overwhelmed then Traffic transformation is for you.



Check out these other posts if you wanting extra reading to help you improve your blogging:


5 Great Beginners Blogging Courses- Review of Paid Courses




She has a few posts on traffic generation this one goes into what help Twinsmommy to generate traffic to her blog which includes

  • If you leave comments to include your site name beside your name so, for example, I would put Lia | smartpennies
  • Posting more often – I have noticed myself adding an extra post gave me a spike in traffic see how I have the start of a spike in the beginning of April then my traffic starts increasing


traffic generation google analytic



  • Guest post on blogs which are more established can help generate traffic
  • When doing roundup posts like this one tag bloggers on social media that you are featuring their blogs – on twitter, Instagram.
  • As featured in my 8 bloggers income report – you can read it here also answering questions on facebook groups can yield traffic as well
  • If you have a list – IF YOU DON’T WHY HAVEN’T YOU STARTED IT! If you aren’t sure who to use then I suggest Mailerlite they are FREE up to 1000 subscribers and do all you need to set up your mailing list best of all they help you be GDPR compliant ( if you have readers from the EU then you need to know about this )
  • Network and collaborate with other bloggers in your niche



How to Generate Massive Traffic to Your Blog from Pinterest

This post is specific to gaining traffic if you are using Pinterest as a social media referrer.

Latasha looks at various ways you can increase traffic including

  • Updating your Bio on Pinterest with a call to action with a link back to your blog
  • Update your business Pinterest name so it has keywords in it
  • Of course, this one comes up a lot create a pinnable image – yep you guessed it!
  • Manually pin your best performing pins
  • Pin throughout the day – NOTE latest word is yes you can use a scheduler Pinterest doesn’t care if you are using one or not
  • Keep on brand with colours and fonts
  • You have to USE RELEVANT group boards ( side note I haven’t tried board booster tribes yet)
  • Make sure your group boards are healthy- you can do this by using TAILWINDAPP 



help to grow more traffic to your blog


5 Ways I Made My Blog Go Viral – 2,000,000 Views A Month In One Year!



This post is a review of Chasingfoxes.com and how they made their blog go viral.

I think this is one thing we overlook and is an excellent point in this post – study the PRO’s what are they doing to make their blog go viral?

  • Titles need to be SEO and have a sense of urgency about them
  • Pain points – find problems that people need to be fixed NOW
  • Pin images – again look at what the BIG pinners/ bloggers are doing what do their pins have in common? Take inspiration from them for your Pins.
  • Apply to QUALITY group boards- look at which boards the PRO’s are pinning too- quick side note a lot of the time they will be pinning to boards which are now CLOSED don’t let that stop you applying
  • Have different titles for different Pins for the same blog post – basically testing out images and titles – don’t forget to make sure these titles are optimized for Pinterest SEO and Google SEO too!

One of the best messages in this post is LOOKING AT WHAT THE PRO’s do!

Do YOU do this enough?



help to grow more traffic to your blog



So Gemma`s take on generating traffic includes things like

  • Networking with other bloggers big and small
  • Network via social media- facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter
  • If using Instagram only publish your best photos and also edit them using the software before you publish them
  • SEO for google optimize your posts
  • Guest post on other blogs



Lauren Elizabeth has 13 ways to increase your blog traffic including things like

  • Write the best content you can
  • Create a personal connection with readers- she doesn`t specifically says how but I would assume things like replying to comments, writing to your email list commenting on Facebook posts
  • Consider creating your own facebook group – note I have read a bit about this now and some bloggers suggest this is good but to note the time investment is BIG!
  • Use Pinterest
  • Use Instagram
  • Use Twitter
  • Link to related posts on your blog
  • Update old posts
  • Check your analytics and expand the most popular blog posts
  • Have social media share buttons
  • Blog consistently – having a schedule can help



help to grow more traffic to your blog



Brian Dean

Has this great post on 27 ways to increase your traffic.

This post has been updated for 2018 and if you want tips this is great.

Things include:

  • Upgrading your old posts
  • Allowing guest posts
  • Blogger outreaches
  • Optimise your posts with keywords
  • And one of my favourites publish more list posts- I love lists!

This post has so many great ideas that you can implement straight away.



help to grow more traffic to your blog


Lauren has a guest post about SEO and also how to boost your traffic with Pinterest.

SEO tips include:

  1. URL for posts make sure these have keywords in them – must do this too! If you are going to do this for old posts make sure they have redirects to the new pages- minimum of 1000 searches per month
  2. Check all the titles are targeting keywords
  3. Link building – both internal and external through backlinking

How to boost traffic with Pinterest

  1. Write more posts
  2. High-quality headlines will get you more traffic on both Google and Pinterest using good keywords- Elna from Twinsmommy also advocates this process. Optimise these for both Google SEO and Pinterest SEO- there are plenty of title optimisation anaylsers.



help to grow more traffic to your blog


Eva from Niceandeasyliving also has tips for driving traffic to your website and how to get a LOT of traffic.


Firstly she does say its good to look at what the bigger bloggers are doing but take all that with a pin of salt as some of the things may not work for YOUR blog and you may need to just experiment to see what is working for YOU!

  • Learn to do SEO she recommends KW finder and I do also use this and find it easy to use
  • She also suggests writing longer blog posts
  • Focus on one social media platform and work on that to help drive traffic she uses Pinterest
  • Connect with other bloggers
  • Duplicate your most successful posts – for instance, my post

INSERT LINK TO 8 BLOGGERS is my most successful so I would want to duplicate this – haven’t quite worked out how to do this but if you stick with me I will come up with a new post in a similar vein.



Tiffany gives you 11 ways to increase your traffic in 2018.

11 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023

  • Ensure you are writing your posts for your IDEAL reader
  • Again she encourages you to use Keywords and to keep a list of ones that you find – includes looking at related words in google
  • Create a blog plan to create posts on topics that best fit your blog and schedule regular content- note this is really important for GOOGLE – Google loves fresh new content!
  • Interact with other bloggers your community and comment on other blogs
  • Link to other blogs
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Include Pinterest friendly images on your blog



help to grow more traffic to your blog


I love the title of her blog post – how to get more traffic without working more

Yep, we all want that!


  • Create one piece of great content and promote it as much as you can to get maximum mileage out of it
  • Change the content to video and promote that other places as well
  • Update an old post
  • Make sure all your content is shareable too



Have written a post about using 8 strategies to drive traffic to your website


There is a definite theme going about driving traffic and again one of their suggestions is to write good content!

  • Focusing on quality over quantity- it’s worth noting that practice will increase the quality of your writing and don’t feel deflated when you first start out your writing will get better – look at me! Well, I hope it’s getting better!
  • Crystal and Kim suggest commenting on other blogs and share posts that you like on social media.
  • They also recommend driving traffic with Pinterest – this is what I use to drive traffic and it was only when I started pinning my own content more than I have seen an upsurge of growth to my site.
  • Create FREEBIES for your audience to give them in return for their email address.
  • Interact with Facebook groups can help increase traffic.
  • Guest posting
  • Improve your SEO



help to grow more traffic to your blog



Ok so what do we have then let’s see:

Here is a round up then of 21 Free tips proven to help increase blog traffic

  1. SEO is important to grow traffic from GOOGLE- include your title and make it SEO for Pinterest and Google also make it a time sensitive headline if possible
  2. Posting comments on other blogs
  3. Posting more content more often and post consistently
  4. Update your old posts
  5. Do Roundup posts and list posts and tag bloggers you feature in the post on social media
  6. Facebook groups answering questions
  7. Start an email list and engage with your list
  8. Engage with other bloggers in your niche and collaborate via guest posts
  9. Pinterest is great to drive traffic to your website
  10. Find problems people need fixed NOW
  11. Create quality content
  12. Add related posts to your content
  13. Expand your most popular posts
  14. Make sure you have share buttons on your posts
  15. Make sure the post URL contains keywords
  16. Duplicate your best posts
  17. Links to other blogs
  18. Make sure you promote your blog post on social media
  19. Change your posts to other forms for instance media
  20. Create Freebies for your audience to encourage them to sign up to your list
  21. Have a content calendar so your content is on topic for your blog

If your traffic is not increasing then check out this blog post. Free tips to increasing traffic to your website today.

There you go a round of 21 fantastic ways to help you drive traffic to your blog.

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