Increasing Blog traffic when you have NONE (for FREE)

By Lia

Increasing Blog traffic when you have NONE (for FREE)

It is incredibly frustrating trying to get traffic to your new blog! How to start increasing blog traffic to a brand new blog without any expensive tools.
I know I have been there and for me, things are on the up!
If you are just starting out and want tips to improve your traffic to your website you have come to the right place.

(If this post contains email links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could follow a step by step process or even have someone right beside you showing you the way!

If you curious or in a hurry to find out now:


It’s a nightmare, in the beginning, isn’t it?

You have no idea what to focus on first!

Your To-do list is HUGE! And you don’t’ seem to find time to get it crossed off!

Let me help you figure out how you can start getting traffic to your blog even if you don’t’ want to spend money!
I have to confess building a blog does take some PAID resources though.

tips to increasing your website traffic


☑️Best Resources for Increasing Website traffic for FREE

Here are some FREE resources which you can use to help right now! I have also included some great PAID resources too just in case you want to dive deeper!

Traffic Transformation

If you don’t want to spend money just now this resource has some preview resources which can give you help for instance how to get traffic from existing content using round ups.

It’s full of actionable advice perfect if you need a boost.

Buying the paid version gives you access to how Lena went from 17000 page views to over 400k page views. Traffic transformation will steer you on the right path to achieving traffic to your blog.

Blog Traffic Bootcamp

How about a 5-day Bootcamp challenge – if you need homework to supplement your learning then this 5-day challenge will get you motivated to start driving traffic to your blog.

Best for more experienced bloggers who have content and need a revamp.
Even when you’re super busy you can do it in bite-size chunks.


I know I was totally frustrated when I was starting out I was lucky if I had 10 page views a day. I am not saying that you can get loads of traffic in one swoop to your blog but you can lay the foundations to getting a steady stream.

Here is what you want to be aiming for my current traffic to a regular blog. Don’t forget I am still learning too!


tips to increasing your website traffic



I tell you its such a relief to finally be on the right track! The frustrating thing is I wish I found out about Traffic Transformation sooner and I could have increased my pageviews a lot quicker.

This would have meant I could have earned income from Ad’s and affiliate marketing a lot quicker!

So don’t be like me if you want to earn an income sooner than me then you need to check out How
Lena Gott went from 17k to over 400k page views using her step by step system in Traffic Transformation.

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to improve your blog traffic.




Curious to know how I am doing now here is a snapshot of my current traffic stats.


You will have noticed that it has taken a while to get traffic to my blog going on a year and a half – I blame my niche starting out with blogging and DIY then switch to personal finance.

But also my writing you can’t be a super-duper writer without practice!

When I should have started a personal finance blog.

Each niche is different some niches will get great amounts of traffic quickly check out my other craft blog:

In 8 months I am doing the same page views as my first site with only a few posts so it just goes to show how different niches work.


Here are some great tips to get you started:

Download this FREE Blog Bonus Traffic Guide with easy to implement tips that can help on the clear path to improving your page views.


Content Strategy

Be specific about who you are serving – look at what I did when I started.

I went from blogging to crafts and now personal finance is it any wonder people are confused about what the blog is about! Get specific with your posts – now I am writing personal finance specific posts!

It is also great to write and include stories people love stories!

Add some images to your content as well it’s important for it to look nice but not too much as pictures can slow your site down!


Focus on ONE or TWO platforms

Keep your focus on generating traffic from ONE or TWO platforms like Pinterest and Google. Don’t try to be everywhere that’s a recipe for blog overwhelm and giving up!


Write Great Headlines for Increasing website traffic

For Google – write great headlines for your posts to entice visitors in with a great keyworded meta description!

How to improve your website traffic 

is a great start or how about a list post

9 ways of increasing website traffic

Not sure if its any good try a Headline analyzer here is a free one:


For Pinterest – makes sure your Pin looks beautiful and the description is super clickable.
Here are two recent examples of viral pins:





Find out what is Popular

Read other blogs in your niche see what kind of content is winning- look at the share counts if there are any. A higher share count equals opportunities for new content.

Checkout Youtube see what niche content has the most views look to writing similar stuff!

Answer the question for the blog reader – be specific with your topic NOT general!

People look for specific answers to questions, not general ones. Think about what you would type into Google when you are searching for something.

☑️Best Paid Resource Traffic Transformation

If you want great actionable tips then this is a must as a PAID resource its also great value at under $80 I would grab it NOW as it’s going to be updated this month and the price may increase but if you buy it before the increase you will get the update for FREE!


And it is still great value even without the update.

Let me know how it goes!

If you know anyone else needing help share this resource!


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