9 Items to sell to make fast money (from $25 plus)

By Lia

9 Items to sell to make fast money (from $25 plus)


Are you needing quick cash if you have items to sell you could make some quick cash?

One of the quickest ways to make extra cash is to sell things you have lying around your house and there are 9 items which you could dig up to sell which I have listed below. 


Not just any old thing though!


If you need inspiration and help read on to find out which 9 Items you may have lying around and you could easily sell to make extra money.


Potentially you could earn money in a matter of two days!



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If you’re needing an extra $100 how about trying to sell a few things?

Where can you sell your items:



Here is a list of items that you could have hanging around the house and you don’t need that would be great to earn some income.


Branded clothing

There are tonnes of places to sell your clothing online and lots of apps that will take the pain out of doing this.

Days of photos, listing lots on eBay are gone it’s super easy now. That’s not to say you can’t do eBay as well.


  • Depop – allows you to sell anything with vintage items or branded items that are sold out is the most popular. You upload your image with caption information.

How much could you make – if you have desirable items as much as someone will buy fees include 10% of the sale plus PayPal fees.

  • Vinted- older target audience compared to Depop and if you can bag items which are very popular and sell out ( think royalty high street fashion purchases ) you can double your money if not more.

How much could you make-  depends on the scarcity of the item but potential double the cost of the items. There are no fees for selling.



  • eBay – one of the oldest and biggest! I have sold lots of items of clothing on eBay to all over the world. Make sure its branded and vintage to get the best prices. I sold a vintage cashmere for £50 it was top quality for its day and was in great condition. Make sure you provide lots of details – sizes, colours photographs this super important! I tried to Buy it now and auction. I tended to go with Buy it now because it made things easier to get the price I wanted but if I knew something would be desirable I went with an auction. Do your research on eBay before you list something.

End the listing on a Sunday night this is the busiest if it’s an auction format.

  • Start selling on eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace – If you want to go completely FREE then the Facebook marketplace is the place to try. You will have to join a local group. It’s good for getting rid of a large collection of clothes and not great for vintage or high-end items.


Purses & Handbags and shoes

  • Rebelle- Designer will always be the best. So if you have a nice pair of designer heels or handbag stashed away and want to get rid then Rebelle is where you want to try. And these items tend to do the best for resale value too.

How much does it cost- Depending on the item you can get up to 80% of the item price.

  • Start selling on Rebelle
  • Regular branded items try – Craigslist, eBay, Facebook groups or here is another app you could try Mercari – selling fee of 10% if the items sell.



Kitchen gadgets

If you are like me you have some redundant gadgets that you thought at the time yes that would be great (as my juicer used once now is the back of the pantry!)


Try Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or Facebook groups – again vintage items will go down well thing granny’s old mixer!



Old toys 

Kids grown out of their toys how about selling them? Here are some that you can make some good money with 

  • Lego
  • Original games consoles

Where to sell toys – Onceuponatime store will take gently used items and pay cash depending on what its worth. If you want to do it online then – Craigslist, Facebook groups or eBay are where you want to try.


Mason jars

Check out this post if you want to see what you can do with Mason jars ADD LINK.

So old mason jars are definitely in demand. 

Even regular old glass jars are in demand for wedding centrepieces.

Where to sell you jars- try out eBay, Craigslist or Facebook groups – go for bulk rather than single jars.


Sports Equipment

Yes, that old exercise bike could still be worth money!

Sports equipment sell well if they are in good condition so dig out anything that you don’t use any more and get selling.

Where to sell you equipment- try out eBay, Craigslist or Facebook groups.

Set of touchscreen smartphones isolated on white reflective background

Old electronics

Especially your old phones – IPhones, for instance, are great to sell they can be sold for spare parts too.

Check out eBay for prices.




Second-hand books can still sell particularly textbook on Amazon but try other places.


Unwanted gift cards

If you have any gift cards you don’t want to use at stores you don’t shop it can be sold on eBay for instance for the value of the card as long as it’s not expired.


Don’t forget that if you have any skills you can sell them as well. Into Crafts then how about making items to sell. 


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Try some of these ideas today to earn quick money.

At least one of them should earn you a few bucks it does require a bit of work but you can make some money if you’re stuck.


I hope you enjoyed this post and are getting on track to earn some money in the next few days.

Let me know how you get on with it earning some quick cash.

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