How to use Pinterest to Increase Pageviews to your blog (10+ Ideas & Resources)

By Lia

How to use Pinterest to Increase Pageviews to your blog (10+ Ideas & Resources)


If you are struggling with Pinterest help is at hand to for Pinterest to increase Pageviews use this is your number one resource to help.

Find out how I am slowly but surely turning things around to drive more traffic to my blog.

I have spent the last year learning all I can about Pinterest and I have taken a lot of courses.
(I am a bit of a course junkie, to be honest!)

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This Page is a collection of my posts about what I have learned on succeeding at Pinterest to increase Pageviews.

Be sure to bookmark it for later reading.

I have also included the resources I use to help me with Pinterest and the courses I have taken out of the ton I have done that I truly feel has helped me with Pinterest!



Read on to learn more about Pinterest to increase Pageviews

There are lots of “ strategies” out there for Pinterest I am not a hundred per cent sure that they actually work.

So to FREE me from the “strategies” approach to Pinterest I have undertaken these THREE things:

1. Great keyworded Titles and Descriptions on Pins
2. Great looking Clickable Pins
3. And being in a Pinterest friendly niche if you check out this list under categories Pinterest shows you the most popular niches to be in.

Pinterest Categories

You can now also decide what topics to follow at the moment I only see this on mobile view of my profile when you bring it up and scroll across the various headings on your overview account the last one will be topics.

If those three things come together you SHOULD do well on Pinterest.

It’s not easy though to get great pins along with great keyworded descriptions all in place which is why I think it takes a while to GET Pinterest.

All these fancy strategies I am not convinced will do anything unless you can do numbers 1 to 3.

It’s not to say if you are in another category like Blogging or Finance you can’t do well it’s just a lot harder.

Interested in what does well have a look at this pin it’s just gone viral funny thing is I knew before I pinned it that it would do well – don’t often feel like that though!

Make sure you make a list of your best Pins so you can look back and copy the design – I must strive to do that more!



Posts to help you set up your Pinterest Account

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Best Resources to use for Pinterest to increase Pageviews

Manual pinning – although I don’t like to manual pin if you want quick traffic it can help move things along!


Dishout social – Manual Pinning Simplified is an easy approach to use if you want to speed up your account especially if you are first starting out.
I would say you would need about 15 minutes a day to schedule out your manual pins to each board.
I found I needed a different way to keep tabs on what I pinned when so if you want to know how I did that then you can optin to get my template at the end of this post.

☑️ Pro tip- If you start using the strategy and stop suddenly you will find it will impact on your traffic from Pinterest I got my account to 700k but stopped manually Pinning because I simply couldn’t do it whilst I was working but if you have some time on your hand and not working then you can factor it in.

If you want to find out what happened when I used this strategy check out this post:

The exact strategy I used to go from 260K to over 600k monthly views


The best overall strategy for Manual and Scheduled Pinning is Pinteresting Strategies lots of great tips when you are starting out. And great value.
I loved the fact you can pick it up to implement bits at a time so you don’t need to slog through it all and then think crap I have to implement all this now!

☑️ Pro- tip I schedule Tailwind on a really simple level using add to queue and shuffle that’s it, in a nutshell, I found I was overwhelmed with the interval pinning
If you want to find more out about using Tailwind then check out these post:

Tailwind scheduling strategies



Best Posts to Make money using Pinterest

Make Money on Pinterest

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